Is there going to be PAX Dev this year?

lougvlougv Registered User regular
The subject says it all. I love going to PAX Dev right before PAX West. That completes the experience for me.


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    zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    I haven't seen any info on it one way or another. I guess we will need to stay tuned ^_^

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    every day's greatevery day's great Registered User regular
    edited June 2022
    Doesn't look like it for 2022 at least. Usually it's announced before West, and West has already gone on sale. Also Dev seems to have been removed from paxsite.com (and dev.paxsite.com is currently a road to nowhere) and there are no updates on reedpop.com/pax-dev .

    Too bad, since Dev seems like a good thing for developers, for games, and for PAX.

    It might also be an antidote to GDC, which apparently devolved into some sort of monetization/NFT/crypto/covid hell this year.

    every day's great on
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    lougvlougv Registered User regular
    Yea it looks that way, which is disappointing. As an indie game dev, PAX Dev was an invaluable event to attend. Lots of cool info about game dev and you get to meet lots of awesome game developers. I went four times and loved each one of them.

    Hope they bring it back next year.

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