Penny Arcade DLC USB Drive - no evidence it existed!

ninjahqninjahq Registered User regular
Hi all,
I'm sorry - this isn't quite the right forum, but I didn't see anywhere else to ask for help about whether something to do with Penny Arcade had value.
I have a Penny Arcade USB Drive that included:
  • All episodes of DLC Podcast up to that point
  • Three free albums (MC Frontalot & Paul and Storm)
  • All of the Q&A Panels from PAX Prime & East 2004-2013
  • a PDF of Penny Arcade Book 3: The Warsun Prophecies
  • Multiple Penny Arcade wallpapers

I cannot find ANY reference to this existing on the internet which seems WILD. Does anyone else have one/remember them?
Does anyone have any interest in this one?

Thank you!


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