Ridiculous people at my downstairs neighbor's door

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We live in a house with 3 separate apartments in Quebec, and we're on the ground level. Guy who just moved into the basement apparently works with a hauling company or something and can't wake up, because his moron coworkers show up at 7 in the morning and ring his doorbell 50+ times, and bang on his door for 5-10 minutes to get him up and out. His door is right next to our bedroom, and we both work from home at later hours. I confronted them, and they told me to fuck off and get a job. Our next step is to start recording their 'visits' and call the non-emergency police line, I guess? Does anyone have any advice here? I'm a little concerned about retaliation if we get them fined or something, since they're clearly not the most stable individuals and obviously know where we live.

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    Do you think it bothers your other neighbors? If you can organize a group of people to complain together and give the dude an alarm clock, it might help diffuse the situation by making it less obvious who to target.

    Do you have a landlord? I would start documenting it and trying to use it for leverage to break your lease. The propery owner should have some incentive to make this stop, and can threaten the tenant and tell the other people to cut it out on their property.

    Its probably not enough of a racket for the cops to care, really, since its not sustained, unless its waking up the whole block. Maybe Canadian cops care more about such things, but my Baltimore sense would be the cops would not prioritize this enough to intervene while it was happening and the escalation has potentially worse consequences for you, as you already fear.

    If you are at all able to encounter the sleepy man without his coworkers, maybe tell him to make his friends a copy of his key?

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    I don't know the rules specifically in your city, but in most US cities it depends on the day and time. Being a loud dick at 7 am probably isn't a thing the police can even ticket, noise ordinances are usually 55 decibels between 10pm and 6am, and 85 decibels between 6 am and 10pm. It looks like most of Canada has an 85 decibel cap and Quebec has a 90 decibel cap, but the local government determine what is a violation.

    Make sure before filing complaints with the police that what they are doing actually is a violation of local codes and statutes.

    Practically speaking. Heavy insulating curtains will help a lot, and making sure the windows have proper weather stripping. Also heavy insulating curtains will save you money on heating and AC.

    90dbA is a lot of sound. Banging on the door isn't anywhere near that. It's the sound of you using a leaf blower or going to a concert.

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    Have you tried talking to the neighbor directly?

    He may have better luck talking to his co workers, or at least may make an effort to wake up on time.

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    Thanks for the input, yeah I suppose the police isn't the way to go, I was just grumpily reacting since it just happened. I'll try talking to him again.

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    In Canada it may also be worth checking with your local bylaw officers who are more likely to handle this sort of thing than full on cops

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