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2022 BYOC Megathread

DarcDarc Registered User regular
Hellllooooo BYOC!

I'm Darc, and I'll be your cruise director for BYOC at PAX West 2022.

First things first, BYOC tickets are available here.

Second things second, group registration is open from now until 30 August 2022.

Group Seating Requirements:
Your party is considered a group if you have FOUR or more people
Groups must pre-register seating assignments prior to PAX, or else seats will be based on first come, first served availability.
Requests are taken on a first come, first served basis.
Passes for ALL 4 days of PAX! (recommended to maximize fun, but not a hard requirement)
If you have multiple BYOC badges, those count as seats (group members) so if you have 4 BYOC passes in your "group" (regardless the number of physical bodies) you qualify for group seating.

To request group seating, use the seating chart below to choose your seats and email [email protected]
Include the following information when requesting:
Group Name
Number of People (include handles too)
Desired Location (include a backup location, too, as we can't promise we'll be able to keep the chart up-to-the-minute updated)

Seating chart:
Please note the seating chart is not final and subject to change (although at this point, it's unlikely). If the seating chart does change and we have sufficient notice, we will give all groups the opportunity to re-pick their seating. If we don't have sufficient notice, we will choose new seats for your group, doing our best to mimic what you chose in the old seating chart.

Third things third, the seating chart above is most definitely not to scale. For those of you who have attended in the past, we will be in the same space as past years, but as I indicated above, we will have reduced capacity. We will be using 8 foot tables instead of the usual 6 foot tables, while still maintaining 2 attendees per table. This is to encourage physical distancing. Additionally, face masks covering your nose and mouth will be required at all times in BYOC, and food will be prohibited.

Fourth things fourth, if you'd like to sit in the casemod showcase area just send your handle to [email protected] and which seat you want. Only real requirement is that your case is...not stock. Should be modded. As you'd (hopefully) expect.

There are 10 kinds of people; Those who read Binary, and Those who don't.



  • hobbseltoffhobbseltoff Issaquah, WARegistered User regular
    BYOC hype!

  • IxaonIxaon Registered User regular
    BYOC LAN Party is one of my favorite activities at PAX! Can't wait!!


  • disbackdisback Registered User new member
    Hi there,

    This is my first time doing BYOC and I can't seem to find the FAQ. Is there a location somewhere to learn the earliest set-up time, if I will need to bring a specific length ethernet cable, and if I need my own security locking cables?

  • Spader89Spader89 Registered User regular
    Hi @disback! There should be an email forthcoming to all purchasers of BYOC tickets that will explain everything! The things I can answer today, though are:
    - Bring as long an Ethernet cord as you have! We recommend 25ft to be safe. We do not provide WiFi, and the convention center WiFi quickly gets bogged down during the show.
    - We provide 24/7 security around the BYOC area, and no one without a BYOC badge is permitted in the area. That said, no one would judge you for wanting a little extra security, but, yes, you would have to provide your own lock.
    - Yes there will be an earlier setup time, but I don't want to speculate on the details there, so we'll wait for the mailer to come out for those details.

  • japerryjaperry Registered User regular
    Email sent! Excited to go for .. oh god its been too many years now, 14? I think some of our crew have been coming to BYOC half of their lives now!

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