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No permission to view anniversary badges


I just got a new anniversary badge recently, but when I clicked on it to view it said "you don't have permission to do that". I was already logged in when I tried to view.

I also tried an older anniversary badge, same result...

I sadly have no other badges to see if I get the same result, but I thought someone might want to know that some cool badge art or soemthing was locked away from view.


  • ForarForar #432 Toronto, Ontario, CanadaRegistered User regular
    It used to be that when you clicked on an anniversary badge, you could see who had also recently received said badge.

    I believe the error is tied to standard users no longer being able to see that list. I think it came up in a previous thread somewhere?

    I thought it was kind of neat to check in on the day of a big anniversary and see (at least roughly) how many folks from that era were still around, especially as the account will hit 20 years next September (I was an account-less lurker for years before on the old old old boards), but understand it's also not necessary information for said users to have.

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