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Hello Pinny Pals!!

Update- Nov 13th - box arrived in Houston and all packages have been mailed on. You should start receiving them this week. If you do not get your box by Nov. 18, send me a PM and I'll find your tracking number. Let me know it arrived if you can. Thank you again for all your trust and support.
-Anastasia 'Luckycharm'

Update- Oct 28th - tracking EJ299862891AU
Destination - Houston in 4- 8 days.
Will update when arrives and individual boxes go out.

Update- The box is almost ready to go. My fault completely for the delay. I wanted to print some pictures for my mom's birthday and include them...not realizing they don't print on site anymore and it is taking forever. This box will go out on Monday- with or without the pictures. I am very sorry for the delay.
It's OVER!! Another interesting year for PAX AUS pins. A few prices guessed or marked incorrectly. 2 were too high and 2 were too low, so it mostly balanced out depending on your order. I will be contacting everyone by PM about your order.

Final Cost of Pins: (***Prices changed after first posting)
Pax AUS 2022 Show Set - $35 AUD / $30 USD
LE AUS 2022 Pin – $20 AUD / $20 USD ***
Laughing Skull Pin – $15 AUD / $10 USD ***
Drop Bread Pin- $25 AUD / $20 USD***
Dusty McClean Pin – $25 AUD / $20 USD ***
Party Popper Balloons Pin – $20 AUD / $15 USD
Deadly Pin - $20 AUD / $15 USD

Time Sink Worth
Spare Hearts Pin – 55 AUD = 35 USD + time (On Sale now - https://evil.doctor/store-1/ols/products/prescribed-respawn-2022-pin-prs-rsp-202-pin)
GameMelbourne AR Activated Pin – time + limited amount
Pinterstellar Chicken Pin- AUS attendee + 20 AUD
Promenade Quest Pin – 2 meals + time
***CANCELLED - Anime Every Day Pin [Crunchyroll] - Did not arrive in time. Unknown Fate!

Let me know if you want me to quote a $$ cost for the time sinks requested or would you rather do a trade. https://www.pinnypals.com/pals/Luckycharm is up to date on my needs for my personal collection. I will consider other trades but I am hoping to catch up on what I missed during the Covid pandemic.

Boxing and Shipping - I am in the process of confirming info, orders, payment and then moving onto the timesink trades. I hope to have the Big box on the way to the states by the end of October 22nd. Will update when on the way and when it arrives in Houston.

As always - Thanks for your trust and keep in touch!



________ x PAX AUS Core Set 2022 - $35 AUD / $30 USD
________ x Limited Edition PAX AUS 2022 Pin – $20 AUD / $20 USD (Those who have paid 25 USD, I will contact after all prices confirmed)
________ x Laughing Skull Pin [Reign Absolute] – $15 AUD / $10 USD - Price Confirmed from FB PM (Those who have paid 15 USD, I will contact after all prices confirmed)
________ x Drop Bread Pin [GenerOZity / GenerOZity Charity] - $20 AUD / $15 USD
________ x Dusty McClean Pin [Samurai Punk] – (UNKNOWN – FB Message Sent) (Guessing $20 AUD / $15 USD)
________ x Party Popper Balloons Pin [Giant Margarita & Tasmanian] – (UNKNOWN – Twitter Post Made) (Guessing $20 AUD / $15 USD)
________ x Deadly Pin [Indigitek] - $20 AUD / $15 USD – Side Note: This is a very Aussie pin. Indigtek is short for Indigenous, the Aboriginal people of Australia. Like the Native Americans. And a common phrase they use is Deadly. It’s like saying Awesome! (www.deadlyandproud.vic.gov.au)

** 1 of everything estimated at 150 AUD/ 120 USD
Total- $_____ USD

Get it yourself online??
________ x Spare Hearts Pin [Evil Corporation & Born and Thread] – $25 online - Available 10 October 2022

Special Requests/Time Sinks- You can request these pins, and I will contact you after the show about options to purchase or trade.
GameMelbourne AR Activated Pin [Creative Victoria] – Play the Demo
Pinterstellar Chicken Pin [PAX Aus ReedPOP] – Trade Staff
Promenade Quest Pin [South Wharf Restaurants] - https://www.southwharfrestaurants.com.au/pax-promenade-quest/
Anime Every Day Pin [Crunchyroll] - Crunchyroll Premium subscription

****PRICING: I have guessed at the prices for some of them. If the price is lower, I will contact you about a refund. If the price is higher, please be prepared to send the difference. If you would like to hold off on paying until Friday, I am okay with this since I doubt the pins will sell out on the first day. If the pin is not available, I will send a refund.

**** TRANSPARENCY: The AUD is TERRIBLE compared to the USD. I will decrease the cost of most pins by $5. The excess gained is for materials for shipping. This works because everyone usually buys at least 1 AUS Core set. Please consider buying at least 1 core set to offset the cost of shipping. If few people buy a Core Set, I may have to charge for shipping or increase the cost of the 3rd party pins to prevent me from running out of funds.

**** PAYMENT - Transfer funds through PayPal. You will pay me in USD to
Anastasia Szpet
(Profile picture is a dog with a tennis ball sticking her tongue at you. This is Coconut- she was on my community pin)

If this method of payment is not acceptable, please let me know and I can try to work something else out.
It is that time again! After a 2 Year wait, PAX AUS is up again! And that means more AUS Pins! But getting to Aus is the real challenge, so I once again will offer my services as Australia's #1 PAX Proxy! (Ignore the fact that no one else has been the main Proxy!)

I am going to keep this light, easy and as stress free as possible. 2019 pin chaos almost broke me with poor communication between venders, PA and with some Pinny Pals. (Stupid EB games and Ubisoft!) Please remember that I do this out of love for Pins and I get very little financial recompense. Be kind <3

Respond to this thread or send a PM in the forums. DO NOT PM in Slack. Slack messages do not save and I need to keep a record of everyone's orders.


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