Post PAX Aus 2022 Pin Panel Powerpoints and Pictures Made Public!

SennoSenno AustraliaRegistered User regular

The link above is to a google drive folder that has all of the information used to put together the PAX Aus 2022 pinny arcade panel: "The Pinny Arcade Community Presents: A Winner is Free!".

The show consisted of 2 powerpoints, and 6 Rounds - Speed Round, Who's that Pinny Man?, Jeoparody, Time to Split, Final Round and Bonus Round.

The files are over 100MB each, with encoded music and animation etc, so they should run as expected on the day.

I'm happy for people to remix these and use them for their own panel, etc.

We ran short on time on the day, so only about half of the Jeoparody questions got answered. So even our panellists have yet to see everything!



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