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Ton O' Comics

AntonioMabsAntonioMabs Registered User regular
edited October 2022 in Graphic Violence
Hello everyone, hope you're having a spooky October. I recently opened an online comic store, which I'm updating daily with new comics. I'm calling it Ton O' Comics, because well I have a ton of comics for sale, and my name's Tony so a little play on words there that hopefully comic fans will enjoy. I currently have about 400 comics with new ones coming as more start selling and I can get a hold of bigger collections. I'm an avid reader and I have thousands of comics in my personal collection but this is just a fun project I'm doing as passive income as well as to motivate other readers to build their collections and reasonable prices. My prices are pretty straightforward forward with many of them being at $2.00 + shipping.

If you're interested to see what I got in store currently head over to the Instagram page and check out what we got available so far. If it's on the page it's up for grabs. Just send a dm on IG and we'll send them your way.

Hope this sort of topic is alright on here and I'm not breaking any rules, if it is I'll happily update it weekly with the latest comics that are up for sale, and their prices.


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