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Desktop Youtube embeds are... weird?

AthenorAthenor Battle Hardened OptimistThe Skies of HiigaraRegistered User regular
I'm not entirely sure how to describe this.

Today, something happened where I was forcibly logged out of all of my devices and had to sign back in. After that, Youtube on the desktop got.. kind of weird.

Three main things stand out:

1. Now, when a youtube video embeds, the URL is visible after it (Where before it would be removed). It's on the same line, so this causes some oddities with word wrapping.

2. When you click the preview of the video and load it, it then loads much larger and takes up the whole width of the screen. I think the proportions are still the same.

3. While just now going for screenshots, I noticed that the preview has the youtube "Play" button centered according to where the video will actually be, and the center of the page, as opposed to the frame.

Example pictures, using a post I made on the 28th.

This is my entire Firefox window, scaled up for 140% due to how I tend to view content on my laptop, and then processed through imgur's huge thumbnail link:


Same shot, same showing of width, but scaled back at 100%:


Pressing play, at 100% -- you can see the difference in size compared to the above Joel video post:


... I was going to show it after pressing play at 140% to match the original screenshot, bit Firefox isn't letting me set that resolution now for some reason. However, in the process I did notice that at 150%, horizontal scroll bars appear, implying that the auto-scaling is not working right with the embeds either.

I don't think it is a huge deal in the grand scheme of things, and people might prefer the videos showing larger. But it feels like another case of something changing on the backend, and therefore breaking our stylesheet.

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