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[Dead Island 2] Rise from the grave!

darkmayodarkmayo Registered User regular
Here is a quick and dirty thread for Dead Island 2... yes that Dead Island the one that gave us this trailer way back in 2013??

then we saw some "gameplay" videos then nothing, then new developer, then nothing, then I think another developer then.. nothing then.. just this year we actually had news of this seemingly vaporware title was actually coming.. and now it is out.

Its pricey, not going to lie and its just on Epic which also kinda sucks but I have to say the game is really good. It feels a lot like the old Dead Island games, its not reinventing movement like what Dying Light did but its a satisfying zombie destroying romp through Los Angeles.

Anyone else playing this little banger?

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  • urahonkyurahonky Registered User regular
    Honestly forgot the game even released. I was so hyped when they released that initial trailer but then it fell off the radar. I might pick it up when it drops to $30 on Epic or on the PS5.

  • darkmayodarkmayo Registered User regular
    edited April 28
    urahonky wrote: »
    Honestly forgot the game even released. I was so hyped when they released that initial trailer but then it fell off the radar. I might pick it up when it drops to $30 on Epic or on the PS5.

    Yea I balked at the price at first.. then I remembered I had a Visa gift card for $100... which didnt work on Epic.. and then my regular CC.. didnt work on Epic.. So then I bought it off Humble Bundle and that worked.

    The tech they have for the zombie damage is just wonderful to see in action.. can get pretty damn gruesome.

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  • ForarForar #432 Toronto, Ontario, CanadaRegistered User regular
    edited April 28
    I found the first game to be... okay. Extremely frustrating at times, eventually I got into the groove and was one and two-shotting enemies with some absurd wrench that also produced one point twenty one jigawatts and would thus launch pretty much everything (up to and including bosses on a lucky proc) into low earth orbit. Like, I distinctly recall killing the final boss in literally 2 hits because of some absurd series of triggers going off.

    Then they had that stupid torso debacle with the release of Riptide. Boy, that was a fun G&T thread back in the day.

    This and its trailer... eh. If this thread blows up in gushing praise, maybe I'll snag it on a deep discount, but I can't say that the tone/setting are such a huge draw as to get me onboard immediately.

    Edit: that all said, yeah, props to the original DI1 trailer. For its time that was some incredible shit.

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  • PenumbraPenumbra Registered User regular
    I got it on release to play with some friends and so far, it’s been a fun disgusting mess.

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  • Moridin889Moridin889 Registered User regular
    It's definitely Dead Island. Combat is fun. I like the curveball system

  • darkmayodarkmayo Registered User regular
    Moridin889 wrote: »
    It's definitely Dead Island. Combat is fun. I like the curveball system

    Yea the throwables in the originals just became pointless to use at high level since they never scaled, liking how they handle it here.

    Oh and the acid effect… just wow.

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  • darkmayodarkmayo Registered User regular
    Finished the story and yea it is definitely setup for DLC/Sequels/Expansion (and hopefully they get it)

    It's a great little game, and kinda sad that it isnt getting more press or attention... I had maybe 2 crashes the entire play through. Did have weird disappearing , appearing zombies through out the game. I would see a zombie that I hadnt agro'd yet look away then look back so I can start to attack and it literally has disappeared. Then you get zombies just materializing in front of you at times too. Hope they can fix that up but its not a game breaker to me.

    At the end I had maybe 3 melee weapons in my inventory (usually the Legendary ones) and the rest was fire arms. I was playing Dani the roller derby girl and the VA/writing for her was delightful, not sure how much difference there is between the characters unlike the previous Dead Island/Riptide where Sam B was Blunt Weapons, Xi was bladed, Parna was firearms and the other guy was... throwing?

    Dani has the perk where a heavy hit causes an explosion, can pretty cool unless you didnt want to blow up everything near you.
    Was mainly using dodge, the palm strike ability and various heal on damage/kill type cards. Outside of one card you get late game I didn't really utilize autophage cards, might try that later.

    Just playing through post game side quest stuff and finishing off collecting the rest of the recipes, etc. Will likely try another character and probably bump up the difficulty, didnt really have too many times where I was in danger except for some parts where I accidentally stood in electricity or fire/acid or earlier on where you could run into overleveled zombies still.

    Some people where saying the monsters get spongey but I never noticed that at all. Most of the Apex infected I would take out with one or two shots with a rifle usually aiming for legs as outside of the screamer they dont have crawling animations. Blow out the legs of a crusher and they are done (they always skip leg day) same with the fat spitting ones. Screamers I would head shot or leg shot, a solid hit would take one out and a leg shot will drop them to the ground interrupting their scream.

    anyways the price of the game is... up there but outside of a few hiccups its pretty damn polished and I enjoyed the characters, gameplay, story etc.. I DO want to know how the story progresses and see if some things get explained with later DLC/etc but they have left me wanting more. Which is good.

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