How the Goddamn Hell Do I Navigate Marvel Unlimited

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Okay, I signed up for Marvel Unlimited to catch up with a bunch of comics I had missed. I didn't have any trouble finding ongoing series, or series with a character that didn't headline other series (like Squirrel Girl), or series with distinctive names (like Immortal Hulk).

But then silly me decided to try to find Matt Fraction's run on Hawkeye. "Hawkeye" pulled up tons of other series and appearances of the character, but not Matt Fraction's stuff on the first few pages of results. "Matt Fraction" pulled up the many other things he's worked on, often duplicated, with no sign of his run on Hawkeye on the first few pages of results. Okay then, I'll try "Matt Fraction Hawkeye." No results.

And then I tried to dig up the Spider-Man and the X-Men series so I could see what was up with that Sauron meme. My searches either pulled up everything Spidey and X-Men related in one enormous blob, pulled up exactly one collection of random comics with Spidey and the X-Men in it, or nothing.

I kind of want to read the origin of Knull and the symbiotes, but considering like 25% of current Marvel series involve Venom and Marvel can't seem to go a year without Venomizing everybody, I think I'm well and truly fucked there.

Am I doing something wrong? Is there any easy way to actually find crap? Or is Marvel Unlimited just a horrible dumpster fire?

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    Necropst, but I feel like the answer is it's just a dumpster fire. Do try though the reading guides, that should probably work for the big events like Knull, that's also how I navigated Edge of the Spider verse. But for reading X-Men comics these days, there's no in built way I can see to read them in the release order that they have laid out on the back page of the comics, just get used to searching for individual titles.

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