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Question about Will Call

skitch78skitch78 Registered User regular
I want to buy a few day-passes for family coming into town, but I won't be able to meet them until later in the day. When I go to purchase as Will-call (the only option available now), I see there is a field for Customer Name separate from billing/credit card info. If I put their name as the Customer, will they be able to pick up the badges early with their ID?


  • zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    It's been awhile since I've done this, but I *believe* that's the case.

    However, make sure you are staying within your overall badge limits for a single purchaser, regardless of who may be picking them up.

  • JeiCosJeiCos Registered User regular
    Regardless of who is on the name, they should still be able to pick their badges up. If the way you did it, ends up meaning their ID needs to be shown to pick them up, then there won't be a problem so no worries in that situation. But even if their name IS NOT on them, and the only way to get them is YOUR ID, they can still pick them up. If they need YOUR ID, then you can send a photo of it to the ones picking them up, and pick them up on your behalf. Last year, this is exactly what my friend did. I paid for my own badges, but it was so close to con, just like for you, that they required will call pick up. My friend had nothing to do with my badges, and his name was nowhere for picking them up. He told them he was grabbing mine for me, and they asked him to have me send an image of my ID so that they knew the person he was talking to, was who they belonged to, and they allowed him to take them. Now, obviously it's no longer last year, so I have no idea if they will still do this or not, so don't take my word at face value here. I'm only telling you what was allowed last year.

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