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[Lorcana] The Mouse Makes Magic (The Gathering). Out now!

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Just wanted to make a new thread to talk about Lorcana since it's close to release now. Lorcana is a Trading Card Game (TCG) by Disney, created by their puzzle brand Ravensburger. I would call it "Magic-Lite". There are summons, there's spells, there's the turn stack. Although I haven't seen any interrupts yet, so it's probably not as "No you can't play that" and more forgiving/accessible.

'The First Chapter' covers the first block or "set" of cards, and I think there's a little over 200 of them. All of them can be foiled, and there are also 12 'Enchanted' cards that are full art/super rare.

I wasn't hyped about it upon announcement or reveal, but I've been looking at some cards and the art is really awesome. So stupid Nostalgia and my love for Magic, I'll probably end up making a Control Princess deck or some shit because that sounds enchanted.

Finally the big thing is price. Currently the set is released at Local Game Retailers only. The full release to big corps is on September 1st. Meaning that Local retailers are setting prices to fit demand, I.E. raising prices to turn a huge profit.

MSRP should be as follows, if you buy outside of this you're getting a bad deal:
Starter Decks – US $16.99 / Canada $21.99 / UK £17.99
Booster Packs – US $5.99 / Canada $7.99 / UK £4.99
Gift Set – US $29.99 / Canada $39.99 / UK £27.99
Illumineer’s Trove – $49.99 / Canada $64.99 / UK £49.99

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