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I .... may have bitten of a lot more than I can chew ....

My wife and I went to Hawaii for our belated honeymoon and absolutely fell in love with the Hawaii Tropical Bioreserve & Garden. It's home to countless tropical trees, orchids, and a zillion other plants. Anyhow, my wife took a beautiful shot of the canopy of monkey pod tree towards the middle of the walk


I foolishly decided when we got back to make her a poster of this image for christmas since she loved it so much. Not a bad idea! .... then I figured what if instead of a poster, I make it 66x28 inches and create an intricate curved frame and hang it from the vaulted ceiling in our bedroom!

Which was an even better idea, but also a way worse idea because now I need to stipple nearly 13 square feet ....

Anyways, I figure to keep me motivated, I'll post my process and progress and hopefully by christmas eve I'll have a finished project!

Right now I'm using a regular assed mechanical pencil to lay down a rough outline of the really dark areas and a 0.25mm Micron technical pen to stipple with. I rest my hand on a slightly raised piece of plastic in an effort not to smudge everything.


I'm also waiting on ink for 0/3 and 00 Rapidograhs I've rescued from the year 1998, cleaned, and got working. At some point, I'll get a thing of white ink and go back to fix a few obvious places where I rode the grid lines a bit hard



I imported the image into cad so I could grid the whole thing out. I use a simple hatch pattern to lightly hatch over the cells I've already finished.



I'm using an old .... magnifying glass light lamp .... I guess you'd say?, so I can actually see everything =p This is killing my aged eyes. I have no idea why those yellow lines are on the image


I've also made a sheets chart to gauge how many squares a day I need to do to be finished by christmas eve. I'm .... behind =/ I need to hit around 20 a day. Fortunately, several cells in the middle will be nearly completely white.


I'm getting there!


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