Milan 4 days

Smaug6Smaug6 Registered User regular
Hello PA!

My wife and I are heading to a wedding in Lake Como Italy mid week next week, but we have 2 days on either end to spend in Milan at our leisure. Outside of the Last Supper, does anyone have any recommendations for cultural sites, dining, or entertainment that is a can't miss? I realize the city is almost as large as NYC and understand the uniqueness of dealing with that place. That said, I would love any and all suggestions for our trip and if any of you are secretly friends of Kai, please pm or text me. Thank you so much!



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    thatassemblyguythatassemblyguy Janitor of Technical Debt .Registered User regular
    The Duomo/Duomo Museum are pretty great (and hard to miss).

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    AkilaeAkilae Registered User regular
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    Near the Duomo there's the Pinacoteca Ambrosiana, which has the full sized cartoon Raphael used to draft The School of Athens.

    The Castello Sforzesco is also a nice place to hang out.

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    SimpsoniaSimpsonia Registered User regular
    You have to go to Luini and get a panzerotti when you're in Milan!

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