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So for christmas this year, I made the decision that I was going to bring a sort of desert/snack/treat that I discovered at my local super market (and which I have yet to try myself):
Now, it's well and good to have these, but In and of themselves I felt that they'd be a bit on the bland side and was hoping for suggestions as to what I could add to this as a Sauce/topping so that it isn't just a room temperature dumpling, with a few Ideas I had being:
  • Just Dusting them with Icing sugar. Arguably the easiest way to do this but also the laziest and least inspired, though it does have the advantage of having the smallest number of ways To fuck up.
  • Having a simple syrup that I or other people could brush them with to give it some extra flavor.
  • Doing a caramelizing thing with brown sugar and butter in the pan.
Also, If possible I'd like to try and give this a little bit of holiday pizazz; something like a mint or cinamon flavor with the desert dressing.

Lastly: I haven't actually tried cooking this particular brand of Perogies (or desert perogies for that matter), so If anyone has suggestions for how to do that I'd appreciate it :)

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    I think first step is to consume a bag yourself (of each flavor) so you can properly determine what they need to jazz them up a bit.

    Maybe make up a couple of sauces that they could be dipped into, a mint jelly, cinnamon infused glaze, some kind of caramel dip (if you have a tiny crock pot to keep the caramel warm, I bet that would be awesome)?
    I bet some kind of sweetened cream cheese dip would be great with these. Or whipped cream?

    But, definitely, get a bag for yourself in advance so you know how best to cook and accessorize them.

    Edit: Also, what's the audience you're looking at? Would some kind of warm spiced rum sauce be out of place?

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    BlindZenDriverBlindZenDriver Registered User regular
    Sour cream or vanilla ice creme comes to mind, but I second that taste testing for your self is something you need to do.

    You could also go the extra mile and take what you bought, as inspiration and make some your self from scratch. Home made is almost guaranteed to be better.

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    GilgaronGilgaron Registered User regular
    Make an icing by stirring powdered sugar into egg nog, then sprinkle with nutmeg.

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    Mix those in with a platter of pork dumplings, heat them all, and dust with powdered sugar

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    FiendishrabbitFiendishrabbit Registered User regular
    It's essentially a bite-sized fruit pie.

    So vanilla sauce used as a dip?

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    tinwhiskerstinwhiskers Registered User regular
    So, I would try them yourself first. I have had many a pierogi over the years and a lot of the frozen fruit dessert style ones are kinda bad. The fillings are just a shot of super sweet canned pie filling and with the dough being a pretty bland dumpling dough doesn't really add anything.

    Traditionally it'd be some sour cream and a bit of sugar.

    I'd look at doing stuff more along the lines of adding something salty and crunchy to them. Like some crushed up pretzels or nuts with just enough caramel on them to make them sticky. Bacon crumbles. Or depending maybe some sort of lemon poppyseed drizzle(high on the lemon/tartness less on the sugar)

    If they have a sweet or farmers cheese version of them that is a better option, then you can add some sort of berry/cherry sauce over the top of it. The cheese is more like a cannoli filling in terms of its level of dryness and sweetness.

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