Does such a word game exist? (starting letter given, find words following certain rules)

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Okay, bear with me for a minute: last night I dreamt of a game that, considering it was a dream, was surprisingly coherent.

The game in question is a word puzzle where the metaphor is that each letter of the alphabet is a train or subway station. You start at A, and your first task is to form a word that begins with A. Let's say you go for ALIVE, which means that you travel from A to L, to I, to V, ending up at E. The game continues like this, but after every word/journey you need to pick a rule from a list, along the lines of the following:
  • Your trip shouldn't include more than X stations/letters
  • Your trip shouldn't include less than X stations/letters
  • Your trip should include exactly X stations/letters
  • Your trip must end at a certain station/letter
  • Your trip must include a certain station/letter
  • Your trip musn't include a certain station/letter
  • Combinations of these rules (no less than X letters, must include G)

At least in my dream version, the game would always give you 2-3 rules to choose from, calculating in the background on the basis of its word list how difficult the tasks are. The goal is to continue as long as possible before you get to a station/letter and a set of rules where you don't find a fitting word. And at the end of your run, the game would produce a London Underground-style map of all the stations/letters you've visited and the paths you've taken.

Do any of you know a game that works along these lines? I doubt that I would've come up with a workable, original game in my dreams... It does kinda make me wish I knew how to programme at least a little so that I could create a prototype. I have some very basic ideas of how the word database would need to be set up to make this work, but that's about it.

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