A Change in the way Infractions give you Points

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In the interest of transparency, effective immediately (and this is site-wide, not just for D&D), the way that infractions accumulate points has changed.

A Warning gives you 0 points, as usual.
A Minor Infraction will give you 2 points and will last for 1 month.
A Major Infraction will give you 3 points and will last for 2 months. This will also Jail the person, and they will be unable to make new threads. They also will have a post timer (I think this is 1 minute).

Accumulating 5 points will give you a temp ban automatically, which remains in effect until the points fade away. This can be from three Minor Infractions, a Major and a Minor Infraction, or two Major Infractions.

Previously, points would accumulate in a similar manner, but last for 1 week and 2 weeks for Minor and Major Infractions, respectively. So this change lengthens the period of time that you keep your points. And just to say it out loud, accumulating points is bad.

After this announcement has been up for about a week, I'll integrate it into the rules thread for D&D and remove the announcement.

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    (It's worth mentioning that this isn't a new thing, but a rollback to how the system worked here before it was changed Vanilla-wide.)

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    The Rules thread has been updated. Nothing to see here. Move along.

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