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Question about the art show at the San Diego Comic Convention

MisgariMisgari Registered User new member
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Firstly, I'm really sorry if this is the wrong spot to put this thread and if someone has already talked about this (I did try doing a search, but couldn't find anything). :oops:

I was curious about submitting some work to the Comic Con International in San Diego this year and had some questions concerning it; however, I can't find any answers on the official site to what I'm confused about. I've tried calling and emailing them, but haven't heard anything back.

The question I had was with reserving the 4' x 4' panel spacing. Does anyone know if reserving one spot means only be able to place one piece of art in there or if you can place multiple works in one reserved panel space? At first it sounded like it was "fit what you can in there," but now I'm worried it's not and don't want to get disqualified or something on account of me misunderstanding the rules.

Again sorry if this is in the wrong place and thanks for any help. ^^;

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  • scarlet st.scarlet st. Registered User regular
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    There is a Comic Con thread, yes.

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