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Non-tournament play

Brass MonkeyBrass Monkey Registered User
edited March 2005 in PAX Archive
This is a two part question, first is there going to be any open use of the PC's like for playing some of the games but not in tournaments just fucking around?. I ask this mostly because of Frozen Throne, which i play a lot but i don't play the Single 1 v 1 i play one of the mods for it... well map mod or what ever the fuck you want to call it called DOTA, (defense of the Antients(sp?)), which is where 2 teams of 1-5 people select hero's and go against each other on a giant map with creeps and a base for each side. I know they have tournements for this already since they have a website and i have heard about it. I was just wondering if something like that could get implimented... Or if i will have to get better at regular frozen throne,

Brass Monkey on


  • David CoffmanDavid Coffman Registered User, Penny Arcade Staff, PAX Staff regular
    edited March 2005
    We're going to essentially split the borrowable computer room in two, where half of the computers are for Tournament play and half of the computers are free play.

    As far as the tournament goes, I suggest getting better at Frozen Throne. ;)

    David Coffman on
  • Brass MonkeyBrass Monkey Registered User
    edited March 2005
    haha alright, was merely adding a suggestiong because i know lots of people that play there run-off of the game. But i shall get better amd defeat you all.

    Brass Monkey on
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