IM NEW TO PAX- 2 Q's....

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Ok so this is my first year at PAX and im only 16, going with sum friends. First off, we plan on staying in a place about 5 miles away and i dont want to be that far and i read in another post that people were planning on just leaving PAX and going straight back into line. Now i would join but are people actually doing this and if so it gets pretty cold in seattle and i know cuz im in olympia and so should i bring a blanket and i really wouldnt want to carry that thing around at PAX.
While im asking these Q's i also want to know, GAMESTOP. So supposedly i read that from 9-12 is 10 dollar gaming, but if ur under 21 u have to leave at 10. Uh WTF. when can i play then where i get a good price.
THX PEOPLE FOR THE HELP AHEAD OF TIME!!! I view the forums probably 4 or 5 times a day for about 20 minutes each time, so i will check this often and i will luv the answers..

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