Playing Original Xbox games on 360 -- Black Level?

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I got my 360 a couple weeks ago, and so far I'm loving every minute. Recently I started trying out original Xbox games and seeing how they fare on the system. To my puzzlement, the black level seems to get kicked up so that black isn't really black. There's a setting in the "Display" section about Black Level, but the three options don't noticably change anything. My question is -- if I decrease the brightness in the TV's settings so that the original Xbox game's black = the black of the bars on the sides of the screen (see below), will it negatively affect the brightness of other aspects? Or is this how the brightness should've been in the first place?

Also, Halo (and possibly others?) seem to run in 4:3 while 1080i is selected. Is this normal? I had thought that the game was optimized for 16:9... but I may be wrong.

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    The black level options are for 480P/SDTVs only.

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