Popular/Need to Have Ubuntu Apps (or any Linux programs)

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For those who have ubuntu, what programs are a must have? Or in general, which Linux programs are a must have? I have the more popular programs installed already (i.e. firefox, thunderbird, Pidgin). I tried downloading Google Earth but for some reason it crashes my system.

Let the listing begin!

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  • JaninJanin Registered User
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    Tomboy for making notes to myself, F-Spot for organizing photographs, Inkscape for vector drawing, Abiword for when I don't need a full office suite when writing something, Rhythmbox for organizing music, Ex Falso for batch music tagging.

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    You are not a linux user until you have played nethack.

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    Oh god. When I was younger, me and my friends wanted to burn the Harry Potter books.

    Then I moved to Georgia.
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