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2nd Hand Xbox 360s and warranties

StonecutterStonecutter Registered User regular
edited July 2007 in Games and Technology
I have the opportunity to snag a used Xbox 360 at a very reasonable price, but I don't want to pull the trigger unless I can get the extended warranty for the system. I was wondering if anyone knew what Microsoft's policy is regarding extended warranties with 2nd hand xboxes. If a warranty had been purchased, would it transfer over, and if it wasn't could I purchase the extended warranty without proof of purchase?

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  • DixonDixon Screwed...possibly doomed CanadaRegistered User regular
    edited July 2007
    I would think it would transfer, like i don't see why not. I always wondered if you got the 1 year warranty from the start did the year microsoft give everyone go on top of that year i already had or do i get screwed for buying that 1 year extension when i first got the system?

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  • FrogFrog Registered User regular
    edited July 2007
    I just picked up a open box 360 at car toys for $260 (it was on clearance) and when I called Microsoft to extend the warranty two years there was no issue even though it was registered to someone else. They deleted the former owners information (guess he had returned after deciding he did not want it) and inputed mine.

    Basically, as soon as someone buys the 360 and registers it, the one year warranty starts. If someone were to return the 360 to a store or just sell it to someone else, that person can extend the warranty by either one or two years. By extend, i mean on top of what time is left in the warranty after the initial registration.

    I am tempted to pester them into giving me the initial one year warranty since I have proof of purchase saying that it was "new" and was supposed to be a replaced unit... not a brand new one.

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