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So in all seriousness

SlungsolowSlungsolow Registered User, ClubPA regular
I remember a while back there was a absolute stop to people changing their email addresses because it involved having an admin manually allow you back into the boards. So I was wondering... can I change my email address now or are you all still a lazy bunch of sons-a-bitches?

fuck your forums, fuck your administrator and fuck dynagrip for getting away with the long troll.
Slungsolow on


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    BrinkBrink Registered User regular
    edited March 2005
    I changed my email address and nothing bad happened.

    edit: well evander came over and ravaged my person and property but I mean I didn't have to get reactivated or anything.

    Brink on
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    bone daddybone daddy Registered User, ClubPA regular
    edited March 2005 is still having issues. However, if you'll check the announcement up top, you can contact me through email if you try to change something and it fucks your account up.

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    Rogue helicopter?
    Ecoterrorism is actually the single largest terrorist threat at the moment. They don't usually kill people, but they blow up or set on fire very expensive things.
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