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Need help for a research paper - A Call for Professional Writers

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Note to mods: I thought I would start in the actual help forum, but if you think this would be better and allowed in Writer's Block, please move/copy it there.

So I'm taking this career development course in college right now which is supposed to help me decide what I ultimate want to do. If you've read my other post, then you know that I already have a B.A., but I'm not happy where I am, so I'm looking to get my Master's degree and change careers. So in this course, I've taken a number of personality and interest inventory test to help guide the process. One theme that seems to keep coming up is writing (technical, creative, editing, they all show up, but the basic theme seems to be going back into writing). As part of my final research paper for the class, I need to pick a career and research aspects of it from various sources, including the possibility of interviewing people who work in our subject career.

Which is where this request for help comes in. For anyone who writes professionally (I know there's at least a couple of you in here somewhere) and wouldn't mind answering a few interview questions for me, it would be greatly appreciated. Whether you're a technical writer, journalist, novelist, etc., you could help me out a lot. You can PM me if you are interested (an email address would be nice, but we can do it through PM if you want), I'll send you a list of questions, and you could write some responses and send them back to me.

Please note ahead of time that if you agree to be interviewed, I'll need your name and the titles of what you've published (as marketing folks would say, this is purely for information gathering purposes and will not be shared with anyone, or at least not beyond my professor as you will probably be referenced in the research paper), so if that's not okay then thanks for reading this far but you don't need to respond. Also note that even though there probably won't be that many questions to respond to, I'll need your responses fairly quickly as I only have a week to research and write this paper (summer session, compressed schedule, you probably know the deal). Thanks for your help!

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