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Aumn and his WIPs

AumniAumni Registered User regular
edited July 2007 in Artist's Corner
Ok, deceided that it was time to get my own thread. A few things aboot me: I"m a noob at drawing, but it's what I'm going to school for; most of my experience is with traditional media, and I unfortunately don't yet have a scanner, so until then the work I put up here is digital [and really bad].

This is the first piece I'd like to get feedback on. It's definitely a WIP, some of the colors are not final, and I plan to add to the background.


I plan on adding some ships in the background, both in the sky, and maybe one on the ground in the distance.

But before I get that far I'd just like some feedback from you guys. Be brutal. Battlenet: Aumni#1978 GW2: Aumni.1425 PSN: Aumnius
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  • Vargas PrimeVargas Prime King of Nothing Just a ShowRegistered User regular
    edited July 2007
    Still early, so I'll just mention a couple of things.

    He's got an oddly shaped/sloped head. Like his forehead ran around to the backside. Also, I'm not sure if that armor piece over his mouth is supposed to be actually attached to his face, but it looks like it is. So that may or may not be a problem, depending on how you intended it.

    The colors are a bit muddy, and I think the colors in the background are too close to the colors of his shoulderpads and uniform. You should probably at least vary the tone if you want to keep the continuity. Make the background colors a little more muted.

    Also, a lot of your strokes in the shoulderpads and head seem to be in the same direction. You should probably either vary your strokes to avoid pulling viewer, or shorten the strokes to give more of a true hatching impression.

    One last thing: Is that his hand down in the bottom right? It's not reading very well, I don't know if you've just roughed that out at this point.

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  • AumniAumni Registered User regular
    edited July 2007
    Thanks for the tips! I worked on it a little more after you gave the suggestion, but as I was trying a new approach to painting I organize the layers well. So after a lot of frustration I decieded that this WIP will fall on the wayside for now, I may come back to it later. I'll be posting some other work when I get it to a more comfortable level, taking in the color and the style of strokes used as consideration.

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