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Ive always drawn, but never in a serious way, like Ive never sat down for more than like a few hours to draw, and never more than once a day, hell I sometimes go weeks without doing it. I think Im to easily annoyed by my lack of understanding and skill, it takes me a while to grasp certain drawing concepts, and Ive sort of hit a wall. Im 20, and really just wondering if, based on this sketch I did, I should pursue it any longer. I think I really need to just bunker down and work my ass off, cos its always just been something I do in the background, never serious. Im also easily frustrated, I get annoyed quickly with myself, like I expect it to be perfect even though I never practice and am a lazy ass. I also sort of get bored of a pic and rush it towards the end.

The reason why Im asking this is i dont have any equipment, no good pens, pencils, no graphics tablet, so im wondering whether you can see any fundamental talent, because honestly I think if I really get serious about it I have a chance at becoming quite good, but as it stands I just sort of fluke mediocre stuff without any real understanding of drawing, of figures, shapes, shades, that kind of stuff. Im not after any specific advice really, cos you've got it all mapped out in the stickied threads, just a yay or nay on whether I have any talent that could be developed into actual skill.

Also help with the colour scheme would be awesome, since im hopeless at that also.


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    Anyone can learn to draw. Seriously, I sucked ass compared to you right now when I started learning and you can take a look at some of my work now if you would like in the link in my signature. Trying to learn by yourself though isn't going to get you very far. If you are serious about wanting to learn to draw...as in...you want to work as a professional artist in the future, then you should find a school.

    I recommend starting here because you can almost be positively sure that any school on this map does not suck. Here is a list of those same schools in a non map format.

    Though..I don't see Australia even on this map.

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    I think it really all depends on what you want to do with it/why you want to draw. If you want to draw well to improve your personal awesomeness quotient, then by all means, draw away. If you want to draw because you have a project you'd like to do which involves a lot of drawing (say, painting nifty designs all over a wall or making your own comic,) then by all means, draw. If you want to become a professional artist, then I recommend much more serious thought before you embark down that road. I don't know how the art scene is in Australia, but I'm going to assume it's just like the art scene in every other part of the world I've encountered: really short on money.

    Making a living doing art is really hard, and I don't recommend it unless you are already naturally awesomely talented and have these insatiable artistic *urges* such that you're doing art all of the time anyway. I don't get the impression that that's your situation, so I'm going to assume it's not and tell you not to pursue art as a career unless you're really fond of the 'starving' part of 'starving artist'.

    Back to the idea of drawing essentially for your own benefit... Whatever you do for your own benefit, it doesn't matter *how* good or bad you are. If you enjoy it, do it. Many people draw not because they're the awesomist thing ever, but because it makes them happy. They work out psychological issues, decorate their homes, etc.

    Getting 'good' at drawing doesn't require fancy equipment. A few sheets of unlined paper, a pencil (I prefer mechanical), and an eraser are all you really need to get started. And then all you need to do is draw... over and over and over again... Practice may not make perfect, but it definitely yields improvement. And really, you will never improve if you don't just sit down and draw.

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    You guys always have great responses, thanks :) Yeah the Australian art scene is probably like 10,000 times more obscure and difficult to survive in than any other countries. I think what Im going to do is combine my sort of natural talents with my friends work, I have a friend who does flash work, games, programming stuff like that, and we've decided to work on a project together where I sort of do the concept art, sketches, that kind of stuff. I have a lot of university friends around me with all different artistic aspects, I'll probably just combine my work with theirs, help them out, rather than try and just become a dedicated commissioned artist, sort of let it unfold naturally rather than going "im going to be an artist and make money from art", instead just do projects with friends and make connections that way.

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    i've got make a post on nakedelf's thoughts on the art scene. the term "starving artist" is something i've never really understood. you can make money with art, you can make a damn decent salary in fact. it all depends on how well you network and how pimp your portfolio is. mostly, networking.

    i mean, the art field isnt all painting portraits. there is conceptual design, 3d modellers, 3d animators (2d as well), web design, graphic design, sequential art (this is in fact a starving art), etc etc.

    if your serious about, practice hard, make contacts, its very doable if you have to drive for it. oh and go to art school, they will help you out with making contacts via internships and the like.

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