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Need critique on WIP of muttonchopped pianist

JonnerJonner Registered User regular
edited July 2007 in Artist's Corner
I'm doing this for a friend, and I'm having some trouble continuing. I'm not quite sure whether the composition is okay or not, nor am I sure about the colors.
This is obviously very rough and it'll be very different by the end, but it'll hopefully give you an idea of what I'm going for.

Thanks for your help.


Jonner on


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    Stupid Mr Whoopsie NameStupid Mr Whoopsie Name Registered User, ClubPA regular
    edited July 2007
    For starters the poster is too distracting in the background there, but the actual pianist looks fantastic!

    Stupid Mr Whoopsie Name on
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    KorthuranKorthuran Registered User new member
    edited July 2007
    For the background, especially the areas in shadow I would try out a more monochromatic color pallette and fade the detailing a bit. It's hard to say what would look best at this point. It will depend on the color/style used in the lit areas. I'd try both a blue/grey pallete in the shadow areas as well as a warmer orange/tan color scheme.

    I'd also try exagerating the beard arms more as well. Try making them nice and long, curvy or loopy. Don't be affraid to push it further. This will help fill up some empty space and maybe I'm wrong but it looks to me as if you weren't entirely sure what to do with all the negative space/background. Maybe even have him in a more animated pose. Throw the arms out, put some action into him. It's kind of a static pose considering he is playing a keyboard. Of course if your friend plays like the pose in the picture then just find other ways to put some life into it.

    Korthuran on
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