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So, is there any Mario Party going down?

Raiden333Raiden333 Registered User regular
edited April 2005 in PAX Archive
Either at PAX or at the Doubletree after hours?

Fun stuff.

There was a steam sig here. It's gone now.
Raiden333 on


  • XieflowXieflow Registered User
    edited April 2005
    I dunno about Mario Party, but I am totally up for some Fuzion Frenzy.

    Some sweet sweet rounds of Twisted System.

    Xieflow on
  • LegacyLegacy SCP Of The Digital Frontier The Grid(Seattle)Registered User, ClubPA regular
    edited April 2005
    I'm sure there will ba plenty of gaming going down in the Doubletree after hours...

    Legacy on
    Can we get the chemicals in. 'Cause anything's better than this.
  • CATSCATS Registered User
    edited April 2005
    I sure hope there'll be some after hours gaming!!! Why not?!

    CATS on
  • QuizMasterQuizMaster Registered User regular
    edited April 2005
    Funny that you mention it. I brought Mario Party (5?) last year. But instead of staying at the expo all night long as planned, I went to the hotel to catch some Z's.

    QuizMaster on
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