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So I just got screwed out of a nice place with a friend but that is a different story.

So I want to move out. I don't know where to start looking and I have no one that I know to move in with. All of my friends are either unable to move out at the moment, or don't want to live in my town. They want to move to the city.

So, I guess my question is, how do I go about finding a room mate and apartment?

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    ShmoepongShmoepong Registered User regular
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    You can look on Craigslist, your city's local classified's section in the newspaper or the free housing pamphlets usually next to newspaper stands. You can also take the initiative and post in these mediums for a roommate once you've found a place.

    Google has a new applet that also covers housing for rent: Click on housing to get yourself started.

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    mojojoeomojojoeo A block off the park, living the dream.Registered User regular
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    Craigslist - seconded

    Especially if you want an awesome (I hesitate to say artsy) apartment with character as apposed to yet another apartment from a gigantic complex.

    Another oft overlooked place is local Realtors - they do not just sell houses and condos- they rent them. (usually full listings online)

    Happy hunting.

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