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"Sponsor Parties"

nearlysobernearlysober Registered User regular
edited August 2007 in PAX Archive
So I've heard mention a few times about the fact that there are going to be several gatherings at nearby restraunts & bars sponsored by some of the exhibitors. I've also heard tell of free drinks at said parties... which has piqued my interest.

Where will we be able to obtain information regarding these events? Do we just have to go up to each individual booth and ask "Are you having an after party?" or will there be info regarding the gatherings in the guide? Obviously attendance will be restricted to 21+ but how will they manage the sheer volume of people? First come first serve with a line... or tickets at the booths? Anyone know? I've never been to such an event.

Just trying to get as much data ahead of time to make the most efficient use of my PAX time. Don't wanna sit in a line if I coulda grabbed a ticket or something like that :)

nearlysober on


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    ElectricTurtleElectricTurtle Seeress WARegistered User regular
    edited August 2007
    In the past it has been first come first serve, but a ticket system would be smart, especially seeing as how waving "free drinks" in front of tens of thousands of people is bound to lead to nothing short of ruination. Last year was bad enough, and I was damn grateful to be a red, yellow, and blue badge (Japanese stoplight) so I could basicly just point to the chain and skip any line, but for the rank and file red badges it was a never ending abyss of lines, and the people who came late pretty much get shafted. Only the first few dozen can expect much out of the buffet.

    The sponsor parties aren't hard to find, they're just hard to get into due to sheer volume.

    ElectricTurtle on
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    Mike FehlauerMike Fehlauer Registered User regular
    edited August 2007
    Please do keep in mind that parties have capacities: person capacity (set by fire marshal) and drink capacity (set by budget). There's a chance that a sponsor party may be full of people or empty of drink tickets by the time you arrive. In that case, I encourage everyone to be respectful and kind to the bouncer/door people.

    That said, we have more parties this year than last year. If people have a good time and the sponsors receive positive buzz, I can see sponsored parties becoming an even bigger part of PAX next year.

    Mike Fehlauer on
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    Steel FireSteel Fire Gunboat Diplomat PAI MarketingRegistered User regular
    edited August 2007
    Woohoo! Scored VIP tickets to A-net's party!

    Steel Fire on
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    TrainwreckXTrainwreckX Registered User regular
    edited August 2007
    I wonder what all companies we know are having parties...?

    TrainwreckX on
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    jay427jay427 Registered User regular
    edited August 2007
    I also am wondering which companies will be having parties. There are many that I'm interested in!

    jay427 on
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