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Deems and his Crazy Art (Crazy bad, that is)

DeemsDeems Registered User regular
edited August 2007 in Artist's Corner
Hello there! Just wanted to finally create my own "thread" for my art....considering critique is always appreciated and helpful (well, I wish it was). Just a few drawings here...pencil, inked by handm some colored on the PC- I'd have some acrylic or watercolor stuff if I had a big enough scanner, but oh well. Rip into them as you see fit, compliment as you see fit, and just say whatever.

"Can't Touch This"


"The Zealot Glove"

"Of Angels and Daemons"


Deems on


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    HooBleedyHooBlahHooBleedyHooBlah Registered User regular
    edited August 2007
    I wo9uld have to say your characters have very nice silhouettes. Thats one thing u should always keep in mind. you also dont seem to have a problem when it comes to adding detail to your characters, especially lil details...but sometymes less is more. my biggest issue w/ your work would be your foreshortening. most notably in the Zealot pic. if you are gonna do a pose like that, i would suggest you exaggerate a lil more on your foreshortening just to make the pic and pose a lil more pleasing...kinda like i did w/ my Rock Lee drawing. finally in your "cant touch this pic" everything works well untill i looked at her face. her facial ctructure, face shape is alll kinds of but thats an EASY fix. however we artists are generally too lazy to go back n fix stuff like that once we think we are other than that i would say good work so far...kepp drawing and keep posting.

    HooBleedyHooBlah on

    Wuts the next number?

    My Art BLOG!!!
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    no_toastno_toast Registered User regular
    edited August 2007
    Have you used the grass tool on the Nhillid pic? Cos it looks quite bland and doesn't serve the rest of the pic very well. Other than that I like your characters and the detail that they have.

    no_toast on
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    lilchingch0nglilchingch0ng Registered User regular
    edited August 2007
    can't touch this girl's bent arm is odd, check the elbow.

    nice stuff tho

    lilchingch0ng on
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