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OS Upgrade for HTC 8125

MerovingiMerovingi regular
edited August 2007 in Help / Advice Forum
This is the first thread I've created on these forums but I'm hoping some of you guys can help me out here (nothing important, really).

I have an HTC 8125 and it's currently running Windows Mobile 5. I don't like it. I've seen WM6 and I like it better. My question is this: is it possible for me to upgrade my 8125 with WM6. Hell, to go even further, are there any other OS's out there that you guys would recommend for this Pocket PC? I'm open to any suggestions.

Merovingi on


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    KMFurDMKMFurDM Registered User, ClubPA regular
    edited August 2007
    PM sent. And Windows Mobile is basically your only option.

    KMFurDM on
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