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Help me fix this ipod

TrippyDKTrippyDK Registered User regular
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Ok for clarity's sake, Ill try to keep this simple. This is a 5.5g 80g Ipod by the way.

1) Ipod was dropped in a sink, with a case on
2) Was immediately removed, turned off, and allowed to dry
3) After several days, It wasnt working, so i opened it for better air flow
4) Found condensation on metal part of case, and blue oxidation on one of the battery circuit, located in the bottom right of the ipod. (for those who have opened an ipod, its where the battery directly connects to the ipod, as opposed to the cable that is a return part of the circuit)
5)This brought the ipod back to life, however it could only work while on a power adapter. (When it was connected the ipod would have to boot like after a restart, and when unplugged would immediately turned off)
6) I took this as a sign that the battery was unable to charge, and at this point it was only working too complete the circuit
7) I ordered a new battery, and then replaced it according to the directions that were given to me by the company. They were extremely straight forward, and really only involved one step.

This however, did not fix the problem. The ipod will stay on as long as its connected to a power source. IT will also display charged on the screen when it idles, and in the little battery icon in the top left corner. But once its removed, the ipod immediately turns off.

Anyone got any ideas? Im willing to try anything at this point.

TL;DR Water damage on ipod, Battery was replaced, only stays on when plugged in to a power source, turns off when unplugged.

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