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Opera 9.5 alpha

setrajonassetrajonas Registered User regular
edited September 2007 in Games and Technology

As all us Opera afficianados might be aware, the 9.5 alpha is now out! I won't have much time to try it out today (besides right now), but it looks like they've improved rendering times even more, added full history search, and bookmark synching.

Video showcasing various features:

setrajonas on


  • ZellZell Registered User regular
    edited September 2007
    Middle click scrolling finally fixed. Too bad there seems to be no way to disable the tray icon now. Also, I keep downloading "download.php" when downloading torrents from my favourite torrent tracker and FilePlanet downloads don't work.

    Bookmark synchronization is a bit slow, but pretty great anyway. The torrent tracker I mentioned also didn't render properly in 9.23 in several areas, and it looks just fine in 9.5.

    Zell on
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