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Getting gum off a car

Steel AngelSteel Angel Registered User regular
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So a combination of hot asphalt and inconsiderate people resulted in me stepping in some gum that then oozed onto parts of my car. While I've since removed it from my shoe and car carpet, some of it glopped onto the part of my car exterior that's just below the door, past where the painted metal ends. So, what's a good way to remove a thin layer of mashed up gum from a hard surface?

Big Dookie wrote: »
I found that tilting it doesn't work very well, and once I started jerking it, I got much better results.

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  • supabeastsupabeast Registered User regular
    edited September 2007
    Try using Goo-Gone. If that doesn’t work I would recommend leaving it until winter, and then when the temperature has dropped below freezing, go out before sunrise and scrape it off with a plastic drywall or paint spatula. If you really want to get it off now, put the car in an air-conditioned garage and cram a bag of ice against the gum until it freezes.

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  • BelruelBelruel NARUTO FUCKS Registered User regular
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    goo-gone is really wonderful stuff. it should take it off very cleanly.

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  • AtomBombAtomBomb Registered User regular
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    Canned air (the stuff you use to blow the dust out of your computer) sprayed from a can turned upside down will freeze gum. Goo gone is also great stuff. I would be slightly concerned if it's on a painted surface, but it doesn't sound like it is. Make sure to wash the goo gone itself off if you end up using it.

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