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HDTV deals

SmilingoatSmilingoat Registered User regular
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ok so ive been looking around the net for about 3 days, i think the set that best suits me is a westinghouse 32in LCD HDTV w/ HDMI (for the 360 elite) and a contrast ratio of 1000:1. response time is also 8ms...

to be honest though i have no idea what that really means, all i know is that it cost $499 with shipping. which is pretty good, i was looking into 37in if i can find one for less than 700.

any advice on the set, ive looked up reviews and people seem to like it, i dont want to get stuck with a shitty TV though, so if any of you have any experience with these please speak up.

might be able to save a few hundred dollars on the netz, but the problem is you dont get to see it in person first.

whos havin butt-seks
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