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Suspension Damage

witch_iewitch_ie Registered User regular
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I was recently in an accident. Suffice it to say I ended up going up an embankment next to the freeway exit ramp. As a result, my right front tire was shredded, the rim bent, and the bumper scratched. I took my car to the local Toyota dealership. Once the appraiser from the insurance company came out and said the bumper needed repair (very minor scratches, which didn't make it obvious at first to me), the dealership said they didn't want to do the work because they don't do body work. They then put another tire on my car and drove it several miles to a body shop for them to do the repairs. Now the body shop is saying that there's a problem with the suspension which the appraiser had noted before was fine.

So my question is, could the Toyota dealership have caused damage to the suspension by having it driven with a bent rim? (I don't know why they didn't just tow it) If so, does anyone have any experience with the steps I would need to take to get them, and not my insurance company, to pay for the damages?

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  • eternalbleternalbl Registered User regular
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    Unless Toyota was crazy taxiing your car to the body shop, its probably from your accident.

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