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Secret Satans Suggestions Thread v3.0: Email a description kthx!

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Alright guys, so the last Secret Satans thread had a few people's suggestions out of the, literally, hundreds of millions of people we have signed up for this forum event, but this will be a more organized list of forumers with general ideas.

Amazon Wishlists are acceptable, but they should be used as a last resort. If you somehow come under some pressure at work or some other real life mumbo-jumbo and don't have time to put together something nice and cool, that's an acceptable time to use a wishlist. Otherwise, honestly, just put some damn thought into what you're going to get someone.

Please, email with this template
[ b]Your name - [ /b]Your suggestions!
and your name in the subject header.

This way, everyone who puts their name down will be on the list. There's no limit to your suggestions, no minimum. If you choose not to suggest anything, that's cool, too, dogg. Just please email the above address with your name in the subject header.

Kuribo's Shoe

Skull Man - I have a dang ol wishlist in my sig but really anything that is not comics is ok, I don't want your comics. I have a wii, a PS2 and a DS. I like stuff that is good stuff.


satansfingers - i like movies a lot, especially criterions (my
collection can be found here: and
it is kind of lacking because i mostly buy dvds based on cheapness) i
own a mac, a 360 and a ps2. i only have madden/skate for the 360;
sotc, beyond good and evil, okami and gh2 for the ps2. i am
ridiculously particular about clothes so uh i wouldn't really
recommend shirts or the like. i like to read but don't own many books.
never really read any comic books but i've enjoyed y: the last man and
transmet so take that as you will. i'm cool with nsfw or whatever, i
like to be amused. this is all just an idea of stuff i like, though,
and i would be equally happy to get a bunch of stuff that you really
like. i would appreciate it if whoever has me tried to get my gift
here by mid-december, since after that i'll be going home for a month
or so for winter break, and i don't really want a box sitting by my
apartment door for weeks on end.

lostwords - I wear a medium shirt, and like lots of stuff. I don't want to limit you though. The amazon wishlist should be a little bit of help, give you a taste of what I like, but please don't feel obligated to follow it. I'm into bad movies (that can still be funny), scifi fantasy stuff, and random art. I like surprises. I drink and smoke, if that helps any. Also, NSFW is a-ok. Especially of yourself, whomever you are. I'm not picky.

Here's the wishlist link:

SOTAR - I have a wishlist in my sig for a few ideas. I wear a large size T-Shirt, which is really fucking strange since I weigh 155 Lbs. on a good day. I play M:TG quite a bit so if you want to throw in a booster pack or 2 of that, I have NO problems with that. I have a DS with mario Kart DS, WarioWare and Puzzle Quest. I enjoy RPG's but don't get me Final Fantasy III as I played it and did not enjoy it. Don't worry too much about what to get me, I am pretty easy to please.

Munkus Beaver

Wise_a - Things that I would really like for SS would be random stuff that you're into that you think is cool. Do you live in some far off place (not NJ like me) and have access to awesome food, drink, booze, cigars that I have never tried? That would be the best.

As you can tell, I enjoy drinking (I'm really into wine), and I enjoy having a cigar every now and then. I don't smoke any other tobacco products (no cigarettes).

I'm into video games, and I don't have much for the Wii. Just twilight princess, mario strikers, wii sports and wii play. If you want to get me a game for Wii, something that I could play with my girlfriend and other roommates that I live with would be AWESOME.

I have Xbox 360 but I don't play it much anymore. I'm gonna pick up Halo 3 on my own, so that pretty much exhausts all the games I still need to play for the 360.

NSFW is ok if its extraordinarily funny.


The Lovely Bastard - I am actually very easy to shop for. I like most everything I get, so don't let this daunt you if you have a bitchin' rad idea.

I don't really read many books, as I am constantly writing or doing some sort of homework or working. And when I do read, it is mostly non fiction. However, I am a huge fan of graphic novels and comic books, and am really starting to dig into Grant Morrison's stuff. I have Seven Soldiers, Animal Man, The Flith, and Arkham Asylum, so if you are going that route, anything not that woud be great. Or, if you have an idea for something I might like, ask maybe Keith or Redeemer to see if I have it, as my trade library is 50 books strong.

I love movies, but DVDs are a crapshoot. I never rent, only buy. I love awful b-grade movies. Shit films make me laugh. I am really big on 80's Action Movies and Eurotrash B-Horror movies like those from Hammer.

I have a DS, a Wii, and a PS2. I have very few Wii games (only Trauma Center, Twilight Princess, and Marvel: Ultimate Alliance), so that route would awesome. I do not PC game at all. I wear an XL shirt, and will probably wear anything. NSFW is super awesome. Feel free to disregard all of this if you have a better idea. I am up for anything.


Rolo - I am an art student and also a gamer. I have a high-end gaming PC as well as a Wii and a PSP. I want to get into comic books, although I've barely read anything (Kingdom Come is pretty much it) and I'm not really sure where to start so anything you think is awesome would be welcome. I'm a size L in shirts, and I have a light fetish for baseball caps. Feel free to surprise me with anything, and NSFW stuff is cool with me, as long as the packaging is plain.


Scarlet St. - So there's not much I should really ask for while I'm away in Japan since I have very little from back home with me. I do have a DS still, but no gaming machine or consoles here with me. I love a lot of different music from classical to hip hop, so that's kind of a dead end or a huge opportunity to succeed. Last year Satansfingers sent me a mix CD and it was coolness (but that might only be because I trust his music tastes normally). I really dig Minneapolis' Rhyme Sayers Entertainment label, but I already have the discographies I want.
I love the Urawa Red Diamonds, a Japanese soccer team. Favorite players are Tatsuya Tanaka (11) and Keita Suzuki (13). Their site isn't easily navigated if you don't know Japanese, but maybe there's something cool you can find on eBay. Who knows. Just a thought.
I really dig movies, especially old ones, but I already have more films noir DVD sets and individual films than you can shake a stick at.
I'm not a picky guy, so there's a good chance your gift won't make me throw up like Fizban's alcohol gift to me last year.
I don't really like anime or any of that, and trust me I get enough of it being here. No need to send that stuff, I get enough of it from family and relatives who don't know that I would feel awkward walking around in a Japanese shirt thing. I'm not a huge comic reader, but I got a couple graphic novels at the recommendation of Penguin Incarnate, and those were good, so if you're dead set on sending me one, I'd talk to him for a recommendation. does have an English language section, but it is basically their way of saying this is our English-language music and books section. So you basically get screwed because it's all imported and much more expensive than normal.
NSFW stuff is fine, but please nothing on the outside of the box! Sorry for the shipping price. My address may change (I will find out on Thursday what I can do about this, but at any rate, if it will be changing and I don't tell you in time for Christmas, don't sweat it, I can wait!)

<3 (heart) - Gaming-wise, I have a decent PC (1gig of RAM, X800, 3400+, etc), a PS2, and a DS. I would love to get a PSP for xmas.
I like reading books and watching movies.
I love The Office, especially Jenna Fischer.
NSFW is probably ok. I don't really desire fleshlights/sextoys/porn though.
I am a skinny dude so if you're going to buy clothings, small or medium will probably do it.
Also a wishlist in my sig if you are not creative.


Sarukun - No NSFW, this is going to my parent's house in California so you don't have to mortgage your left nut (or ovary) to send me things out here in China. Yes, they open things that they should not open. I wear an extra large shirt. After year one, I don't like to say much in the way of "give me this kind of stuff", so be creative. Thanks in advance!

CrackedLens - Video Games: I have an XBox 360, any games I am looking for are on my wish list
Clothes: Shirt - XL
Pants - 38/32
Shoes - 11.5
Music: I am a 90's college hippy... Dave Matthews Band, Pearl Jam, Blues Traveler, you get the idea. Also old stuff like Led Zepplin or The Beatles.
Movies: Action and Comedy mostly. Some Drama is ok as long as it isnt preachy
Books: I like pretty much any Stephen King or the like. Comics wise, I havent read in a long while, but I'm wanting to get back into it. So anything would be fine.
Personal: I work in television, I get up very early.
NSFW: its ok with me. I just have to try to explain it to me wife.
There is a wishlist in my sig, dont feel like you have to buy off of it. It's just there for ideas, or if you can't think of anything because of my newness.
Finally, anything hand made or with a lot of thought will make me love you forever.


Kadith - I have a 360, Wii, and a PC that can run any of the games out right now, as far as games go I like action, strategy, RPGs, barbie horse adventures, the works. I'm pretty flexible when it comes to what makes a good movie or book, and I haven't really been watching or buying that many of either so those are always good. I'm also into photography and cinematography. My t-shirt size is large, NSFW is cool, original gifts that have nothing to do with anything in this post are also awesome. And if you can't think of anything I have a wish list in my sig.

DrZiplock – I’d really rather leave this up to
you. Be creative, be unique, hell..hand make
something. That kind of stuff usually kicks ass. If
you’re going for shirts and the like XL to XXL
depending on the cut. I own a PS2 and a Wii and not
very many games for either, so if you’re thinking of
something that is a “must play” go for it. My
computer can game, but I don’t know if it’s up to
snuff for the most current things out there. It can
handle WoW pretty well (I don’t play it anymore). I’m
a sailor, a writer, love to travel, and
really..whatever you want to come up with works for
me. NSFW is alright if you’re in a bind and can’t
come up with anything else….just don’t emblazon it on
the box. Booze and booze related products aren’t so
bad either.

Keith - i have a wishlist with a billion items on it if you're uncreative (like redeemer). i love DC stuff, especially robin and teen titans. my favorite mega man is mega man. i have a lot of systems but i don't really need games unless you see me posting that I want something (like a PS3 and Ratchet & Clank). i don't really need clothes or anything unless you can find this shirt in which case pay whatever you need to to acquire it for me (i wear a small). i collect DC heroclix so that can work. i don't have any of the special promo ones. i like peanut butter and banana and strawberry (sometimes all at once!) so that flavored candy and sweets is cool. my favorite art styles are the more simple, sleek kind of stuff (like animation or golden/silver age comics) if you want to get a poster or draw something or have darwyn cooke draw me a picture. also i like this skateboard deck but i would need wheels and trucks and that shit on it as well because i can't surf the winds (yet) I don't mind secondhand items as long as they're not beaten to shit. Go ahead and save some money if you can.

Squashua - Squashua - I'm a very easily internet-searchable person (if you go by
any iteration or my name, my username, etc.) and I do have an Amazon
wish list which could be used for ideas. I'm good with whatever, you
don't have to knock yourself out, but I'm investigating the heck out
of my target (just like I did last year to my targets), and I
appreciate effort over expense. I'm into comic books, Lovecraft, PCs,
pen-and-paper RPGs, I own a Wii, DS, two dachshunds, and have a baby
on the way. I own the primary expected-to-own games for all my
systems, a plush Cthulhu, Baby's First Mythos, and Mother Hydra's
Mythos rhymes.

ThatDudeOverThere - Shirt size XL, loves t-shirts, has PS2, Wii, and DS, but already owns a lot games, has a PC, but it's pretty crappy, into classic movies, DCAU, and books, but will take just about any gift. Be creative if you can! Wishlist in sig as a guideline/last resort.


DarkPrimus - I have a PS2, Wii, DS Lite and an X-Box 360. I also spend too much money on video games, so chances are if you get me a good game for those systems I will already have it. One caveat: I picked up a SNES a while back for a steal, but I have no games for it. Something with the words "Final" or "Chrono" for that system would be awesome.

I enjoy reading, both novels and comic books. You can figure out what sort of comic books I like by checking out my posts in the Comic Book thread here and the stuff in Graphic Violence. As for regular novels, any sort of quality fiction is fine, but I enjoy things with science fiction or fantastical elements especially.

I am a huge movie buff. Here is my DVD Aficionado list, which I believe is up to date now. Anything from the Criterion Collection is probably a sure bet. As you can tell from the list, I also enjoy watching anime, but this being SE++, I doubt my Secret Santa wants to go through the trouble of finding a quality anime that I haven't already purchased.

I enjoy music of nearly all kinds. As of late I've been buying a lot of soundtracks and electronica. If you're from another country, maybe send me something by an artist you like there. If you're Russian, get me some CDs by Dolphin. My brother got a couple of his albums when he was in Russia a while back, and I have not found any sites online that sell his stuff.

My shirt size is medium. I'm twenty-two, so NSFW stuff is fine, though I don't know why you'd have to send that sort of thing when I've got such a huge description-thing going on here.

Gosh, what else is there? I'm a huge Transformers buff, but I have pretty much all of the Movie toys I want. My profile says I like 40k and NERF, but I have enough of both of enough to last me a while. If you're an artist, maybe offer to draw me a few pages of a comic? I don't really have a "forum avatar" like some people, so it's not like you can do a portrait of me. Sorry for making it hard on you, hypothetical artists.

TL;DR for y'all:
Surprise me. In a good way.

Hunter - Hi shoe Scarlet's notes: Hunter u r so dum

I am hunter

Hunter's Wishlist:
DS games
X-box 360 games or wireless mic
Transformers stuff
Star Wars stuff
Marvel Zombies series 2
Iron Man comics or stuff
Comedy CD's or DVD's

Bent - Really just about anything would be awesome, I have an Xbox360 but my laptop is on the fritz so no PC games please. I love Science-Fiction and fantasy stuff
in terms of books I already have a lot of Iain Banks, Asimov, Philip K. Dick, but as for Gene Wolfe I only have the Shadow and Claw concentraded book. I don't have many DVD's aside from Pan's Labyrinth and most of the Tartan Asia library.
and of course a bunch of music
Prog. Rock, Metal, some electronic/eclectic stuff like Squarepusher and Aphex Twin and the Knife.
etc but if you want to suprise me that would be awesome, I live in Wales so anything I can't get over here (read: anything) would be amazing. I'll make a wishlist on Amazon and put it in my sig just in case you need some more ideas.

Dely Apple

potatoe - buy me whatever you want. NSFW is allowed. XXL shirt if you want to know. i've never read a comic book in my life but i am open to the idea, so if you do that, there is no chance of sending something i already have. i don't have a gaming PC. ask around if you need specifics, i'm sure you can find someone that can get in touch with me.

Granddaddy Delicious


PotU - No anime. Really, no anime. Not a big fan of Japanese stuff, too, but I guess it's okay if it's really rad.
Books are perfectly fine, but I don't really read comics. It's cool if it's a good one, though. Last year I got Watchmen and I really liked it. And I'm fine with every book genre, just ask someone to PM me if you want to know more.
Music is mostly punk rock and ska, PM for more.
Not a big fan of movies, but hey, it's awesome, it's fine, again, PM.
Games? Every Nintendo console (PAL!), DS and GBA, a PC, just PM, you know the deal.
Shirt size L, and that's it, I guess.
NSFW is kinda okay.
Surprise me.
I also really love self made stuff because that shows that you care. But stuff from Amazon is totally okay, since you're probably from America and I'm in Europe.

You know.

Just give me something awesome.


12gauge - The DS is the only current gaming machine, shirt size is
between an american M and L. To be honest, just do whatever you want,
maybe not that NSFW. If you are really troubled on what to do, just relay
a pm to me through PotU. Please remember that I am in Europe, so PAL if
it's technology!


barcardi - For the easy point, i have a clickable sig for wishlist. I am a major collector of dvds so beware i might have it, then again if i dont i would love it. This especially applies to al pacino non godfather movies. That aside i am really into architecture, but i probably have all the books and dvds related to that field already, but if there is some other medium then i probably do not have it. Booktapes, i loves me some booktapes. I also like comics if they are stand alone series. I havnt bought a DS game in about a year and have no clue whats good for it, but i like the system. Valve is my favorite gaming company, their swag looks pretty nice these days plushy wise. I dig legos. I also dig maps, fantasy or real as long as they are exotic.

Grath - Funny presents are the bestevez.


neville There's a wishlist in my sig for ideas, but also anything involving most video games (RPG or adventure especially), I have a 360 and PS2 and PC. I also enjoy cooking and am trying to get into more comic books: right now I'm reading Transmetropolitan, Y: The Last Man, and Invincible. Other comics for "new" comic book people would be awesome. Random stuff is also cool. I live on my own, so "adult" stuff is acceptable too, I guess O.o And clothing wise, I wear a medium dude's shirt.

naporeon - Please no video games, unless they are the DS titles Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, Puzzle Quest, Worms: Open Warfare 2, or Final Fantasy XII, in that order. If you want to buy me a 360, I won't stop you. Also, I love books. Seriously love them. You can't go wrong buying me a few of your very favorite books, since I especially enjoy reading books that mean something to the person that gives them to me. T-shirt size XL, hoodie size XXL, and no sort of present is off-limits. NOTE: I DO NOT MIND IF YOU GIVE ME USED DS GAMES OR BOOKS. USED IS A-OK.

Penguin Incarnate

Veretas - My amazon wishlist is basically all I want. I am opened to other comics though, like Sandman or 30 Days of Night.
Zombie comics are cool too.
Oh and Fables.

Mathilda/Mr.Leonheart- I really am incredibly easy to please. I own a PS2, a Wii, a DS, a Gamecube and a GBA. I enjoy RPGs the most, but am open to anything from sports to shooters to farming simulators. I don't mind used games at all. I wear an XL shirt. I like Sci-Fi, Horror, and Fantasy. I also enjoy movies and books. My sig image is also a link to a wishlist. If you must, I don't mind getting something from it, though I would prefer you to be at least somewhat creative. I am also something of a history nerd, and I enjoy Chinese history a good deal. NSFW is okay, just make sure there's nothing suspect on the outside of the box. Overall, just have fun with it.

tony_important - my shirt size is XL but I'm rather picky about what I wear. PA stuff is cool, not much else in terms of gaming though.
As far as music goes, my tastes are rather broad. It's probably not the best idea unless it's stereolab related.
Video games (I'll list what I own/like):
I own a Sega Genesis w/ Death and Return of Superman, and Shinobi
PS2: Katamari, GH 1 & 2, Kingdom Hearts 1, and God of War.
xbox: I have a fuckton of games, so nothing for this unless you get stubbs the zombie
DS: EBA, chocobo tales, mario kart, FFIII, FFVI, Pokemans, Brain Age, phoenix wright, and others.
Wii : Twilight Princess, Mario Party 8, Wii Play/sports, Super Paper Mario
I LIKE USED GAMES IF THEY WORK! There are a million good GC games I've never played *hint hint*.
I like adventure/action games, some RPGs, fighters, and multiplayer games.
Wii accessories are good too, I don't have a classic controller (or a GC one at that) and one can never have enough wii points. I am also looking for a carrying case.
I guess as far as everything else goes, NSFW is ok in the box, but no gay porn/dildos please. I don't want to have to explain that (I'd find this funny, but my girlfriend/roommates not so much).
Alcohol is awesome! I hate jack daniels though.
Smokeables are ok too. I also appreciate anything that's homemade!

cheshire - I would like anything you get me but I don't really want any shirts or anything like that. I'm pretty picky about what I wear. I do like hats though. Hats are nice. I love alice in wonderland stuff, so anything like that is good. I love to read so books are good too. I like weird jewelry and homemade stuff is fine too. I would love some games for my ds. NSFW stuff is fine as long as it's not too gross. Here is a link to my amazon wishlist to give you some ideas:
I'm sure I will like anything that I get.

Linksville - Alright.
Here is
the wish list.

Something not on the wish list, but it would be cool if I got
Pencils. I prefer; 2B,
B, HB, F, H, 2H, 3H and 4H. You don't have to order them from Dick
Blick, if you happen to have a local hobby/art shop, go there. I do
prefer General's Graphite Pencils but brand isn't really an issue. The
only thing that I really care about is what the core is rated (how hard
the pencil core is).

A little bit about me:

I am an Art and Animation student, so art supplies are awesome. I plan
on learning how to paint with watercolors within the next couple months.

I play games and I consider myself a gamer, but I don't have much to
show for it. I have a decent pc (I can run The Orange Box). I have a
Gamecube and a GBA SP. I have Super Smash Bros. Melee, Super Mario
Sunshine, Double Dash, Pikmin and Windwaker for my Gamecube. I have
Pokemon Emerald, Pokemon FireRed, Mario Kart, FZero: Maximum Velocity
and Metroid: Zero Mission for the GBA.

All that crap being said, buy what you wish to. Have fun thinking up
shit to send me, really. Also, if you need help finding something for
me, ask Teefs.

B.C. -
I'm really comfortable with anything you choose to send me,
that's the whole point of Secret Satans right? Yet, if you can't think
of anything, here are a few things to note.
I have a Wii, a 360, and a DS.
I wear a size medium/large shirt (large for 100% cotton)
I am a music junkie, and I love getting music from people.
I am a broke college student as well, so anything you think
would make life more interesting would be a welcome joy

Dynagrip - I have lots and lots of movies, so that'd be a tough buy. Also, if you're going to go with books, it might be best to avoid science fiction unless it's an obscure author that I've probably never heard of. I'm pretty much an XL for shirts but I don't really need any clothes. I have a DS, a Wii, a PS2, and a fairly beefy gaming PC. The only games I have for the DS are Tetris, Castlevania: PoR, and Brain Age. For the Wii I have Metroid, Trauma Center, and Elebits. The Orange Box is the only recent game that I'm playing on the PC but it's pretty likely I'll buy Bioshock before too long. If you're stuck, here's a link to my wishlist,

Dumb Hero

redimpulse - I have an NES, Genesis, PSP (no games though please! accessories good), 360 and (soon) PS3. I also have a Powerbook G4 and a few PCs, none that I play games on. I wear a M in shirts, shoes a 12 or so. Movies are good. Ones that are horror -ish with a plot, not just gonzo gore (Saw series and the like; I don't like thems). Comedy, drama, anything that is well written and actually immerses me in the story. DVD or Blu-Ray. The same goes for books. Also educational books - preferably something to do with information technology or technology in general. Music: I'm REALLY into Broadcast, but I can't find their CDs anywhere! So them or other artists in the same general scope would be awesome.
Also cultural or regional items. I'm sure you're not from Colorado, so a little something from your area (especially if you're outside the US!) would be awesome. A good cigar is appreciated too. Oh and also also, NSFW gifts are welcome in my home.


Lord Dave / EclipsedPlanet - We like stuff. We have a Wii and some DSeses. Lord Dave loves The Simpsons. EclipsedPlanet is a lady. We don't mind NSFW stuff. Send us something rad and unique, like a human heart or a subscription to the Cheese Of The Month Club.

Mr. Embarkation

Theidar - I've got a 360, Wii, DS and pretty up to date PC, and I'm always interested in cool games especially RPG or adventure games.(I already pre-ordered Mass Effect and SSB:B so don't get that) I'm also a huge fan of older P&P Shadowrun , but I have most of the books for it. Also collect and play 2nd Ed. AD&D, I always wanted to get into Planescape and only have the core box set and Monstrous Compendium for it. I'm always looking for good fantasy or SF. I have LOTR, Malazan, Dune, Foundations, Robots, 2001's series. Any other good series would be cool(Wheel of Time and Shanara would not be cool.). Comics especially ones featuring J'onn Jones are also sweet. I also enjoy board games and already have: LOTR Risk, Godstorm Risk, History of the World, Axis and Allies(w/World @ War Expansion), Arkham (+ 1st 2 expansions) and vanilla Settlers of Catan. No NSFW stuff, sorry. Awesome unique or homemade stuff is cool though. As is foods/recipes. Whatever you do I'm sure it'll be great.

Meissnerd -Comics I've read: V for Vendetta, Watchmen, American Born Chinese, Preacher, a lot of Sandman, Outlaw Nation, Civil War. Everything else is fair game.
Movies: I like comedies the most, and thought provoking dramas. Not really a fan of horrors.
Music: I like a lot of weird stuff. I've started listening to a lot of funk music. I also like a lot of alternative stuff, Gogol Bordello and Johnny Cash.
Games: I've got a Ps2, Gamecube and a DS. My computer is a year old laptop. It can run WoW, but I'm not sure about stuff higher than that. I'm not into sports games or FPS games, but I'm willing to give anything a try.
Books: Same as movies, really. If it's interesting enough for me to finish it, that's good enough for me.
Clothes: An XL will do me.

bsjezz - i'm putting this here because i guess it's protocol and it seems like you guys don't fuck around with your gift giving, but if you want to keep it low-key and play off a neat idea you have then i'll be more than happy. i know it'll probably be hard enough just getting your shit to me. i like to read short stories, especially stuff that's not really genre, but contemporary and well-recieved. that doesn't mean gaiman, by the way, it means murakami, but i already have his stuff so guess again
other than that, i'm a creative guy so if you want to send me something i can use in that manner i'll be keen to take it on as a challenge. i'm easy to please, anything with a funky design ethic will make me giddy even if it only extends to the packaging. i'm not much into comics or anime, but i am into stuff that's doing something new and/or breaking boundaries of media and genres - things that will be remembered.
feel free to stalk through my post history obsessively to design the perfect gift to completely blow me away. or just pick one thing i've said, make a rash judgement about what it means in relation to my needs and tastes, and buy away. i just like opening things.

Perrsun - I have a DS. I wear Large shirts.


Pb - Dearest Satan, for Christmas I know what I don't want more than what I do. Please, no games as I'm several dozen behind already, no NSFW material as I've probably seen whatever you'd send me, and no donations to charity, because that is for faggots. The best idea might be to get me something that is specific to your region, as I don't travel much.

Rockmonkey - I will be happy with anything you decide to get me even NSFW if you so choose regardless of price or quantity. A few things that I am into that will better give you an idea of what I like are: Comic Books (DC being my universe of choice) but my collection is limited mostly to graphic novels and trades so far, I read fiction novels A LOT but again my collection is limited to mostly urban fantasy despite the fact that I like most any good book. I own a DS but don't own any games for that have come out in the last year and a half. I watch a lot of movies and am a pretty big nerd (although I don't play pen & paper crap). If you choose to give me something unrelated to any of the above that would be awesome, especially if whatever you got me is something you like and think I would enjoy as well.


Caulk Bite - Pretty much anything to do with transforming giant robots, generally the more complex, the better. If that gets too far into the Too Expensive range, I did just get the latest Manowar CD, found out I like the band a whole lot, and wouldn't mind getting older ones. Booze wouldn't go to waste either. NSFW is fine, just so long as the package is marked as such (so's I don't open up a double-ended dildo in front of my nieces or something.

Larlar - To Satan Entity: Hello gender-unspecific person. As you may already know, anything you send in earnest (or hilariousness) will be loved. That said, here's some stuff that might help spark an idea. I'm not leaning toward any of these suggestions in particular, I'm just trying to be your muse. I'm going to fail at that, by the way, so welcome to Unhelpful Land. I built it just for you.
As you already know, NSFW stuff is fine and welcome as long as it isn't horrible and frightening, and I'll trust your judgment on that one. Clothing is probably a bad idea in general unless you think you've stumbled onto the holy grail of apparel. If you're thinking books, I tend to read more graphic novels these days than anything else but be warned that I already have a lot of the classics. I have a NES, SNES, original Gameboy, PS2 and am getting a Wii (with Super Paper Mario and Twilight Princess) very shortly. I tend to buy pointless geeky gadgets all the time because I'm compulsively drawn to them (I own a green laser pointer, a force fx lightsaber, a resin figure of Cloud on his bike from FFVII, and a fully-functional ceramic zelda ocarina replica [which is AWESOME]...for examples...not that I'm expecting you to get me something specifically that expensive). At the moment I'm actually contemplating spending $500 on a 5000+ piece limited exclusive LEGO set of the Millennium Falcon, if that gives you any indication of how retarded I can get when it comes to stuff like that. I also watch a lot of cartoons and anime, so something along that vein might work too but, just like with the graphic novels, you should know that I already have a fair collection.
If you have any other ideas, go for it. And if you need to narrow down some options or have a great idea and just want to know if it would work (like if you're worried whether or not I might already own it, for one), you still have my permission to bother the shit out of WaM and she can deftly/clumsily find out. I do have an amazon wish list, but I don't plan on ever linking to it because it's all stuff I plan to buy myself sooner or later. If you're eventually strained and running out of time and have no idea what to get me, tell WaM and I'll stick a link to it in my sig.
Also feel free to stalk my posts in the suggestion thread and maybe something'll slip that'll help.
That's all I can think of for now.

ZeroFill - A DS Game or a PSP Game (anything that came out somewhat recently, I dont have any games released in the past 6 months or so), or even an awesome older PC game.
A book. Some of my favorite authors are George Orwell, Michael Crichton, Ray Bradbury as examples.
A shirt or some manner of clothing: Large shirt, size 32 pants. (but really, pants?) I'm moving to Chicago, so a cool knit hat would be nice.
NSFW or whatever is fine too. It is highly unlikely that anything could offend me. Also not really into comics, anime, 'gamer' clothing, that kind of stuff.

Wombat!! - Any Muse or Aquabats apperal. Anything DS, PC, PS3 related, doesn't have to be games, because those are expensive. Anything that my santa feels would be a cool/funny gift, or something they would just like to send.
Am I doing this right?
Large shirt size. 10.5 US shoe, 10 Converse. PC not up to snuff gaming-wise.

scarlet st. on


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    Kuribo's ShoeKuribo's Shoe Kuribo's Stocking North PoleRegistered User regular
    edited October 2007
    Fiz (ban) – I really hope Shoe remembered to send out the pm with my current user name. My person will be pretty pissed if they do a search for my posts and find NOTHING AT ALL!
    I watch a lot of cartoons and reality television shows. Bad reality television shows. America's Most Smartest Model? Shit yeah, turn that up. A super gift would be getting Fox to release seasons 7-11 of King of the Hill on dvd. You wouldn't even have to buy them for me; just get them out there on the market.
    I am not really much of a drinker. It takes next to nothing to get me drunk, and I'm a fun drunk. That should be avoided at all costs.
    Unless you're Divine Willy, you probably don't have the same music tastes as me. My ipod is a weird mix of classical music and dance songs that I heard on tv shows and had to include (You know that Tales of Interest where Bender was made human and kept dancing to Conga by Gloria Estefan? Exactly like that).
    I usually wear a large shirt. Green is a good color on me. Not much of a collar-popping retard like a certain somebody who is probably SamWhoring as we speak. NSFW is totally okay. Also! Big queen. Feel free to get me something related to that. There's a wishlist in my sig if all else fails. If Bogey has me I expect the camera.

    Orestes - NOTHING NSFW. I have a 360, a Wii, and a PS2. However, I'm set for my PS2 and my 360.
    If you want to buy me a game I only have Twilight Princess for the Wii. I'm pretty much set for my PS2 and my 360.
    I am pretty flexible with games, but I do tend to like JRPGs and FPS's.
    My computer can run any current game so, do not fear if you want to go that route.
    I'm not much of a comic book guy, nor am I a movie kinda guy.
    I wear a medium shirt size. (But I'm kinda picky on clothes so I'd steer clear of that)
    I'm not a pricey kinda guy, so anything in your price range is fine. I'm pretty easy to please, I'm one of them "It's the thought that counts" so don't fret about things.
    If you're not creative, I do have an Amazon Wish-List in my signature. Feel free to use it.

    World as Myth

    NotACrookator - Please nothing NSFW. I don't really need games or clothes, so pick something you like or think I would like and go crazy. I read all sorts of stuff, I listen to a lot of music. I screw around with converting and painting Imperial Guard 40K figures from time to time so any of those would be loved and then cut into pieces.

    Anything you make yourself is awesome. It is my favorite part of this. Unless your hobby is making large clay penises. That's not as fun.


    Polago - Shirt size: Men's Medium,
    Consoles owned: Xbox 360, Wii, DS, GBA, GCN, PS2, DC, lots of older stuff. Planning on getting a PS3 eventually. I've got a Mac and PC as well, both are game capable but I don't use either for gaming currently.
    Things that rock: Candy is awesome. I love all things design/visual design. Huge into music and sound design as well. Obviously big on video games and animation as well, and resins of characters I love are always rad to decorate the workspace. NSFW gifts are totally ok. If you need any more info you can relay questions through someone, but foremost make sure you have fun with it.

    #pipeI would really like something personal and fun, some random crap from your town that you love, a mix cd, I don't know, surprise me!
    I don't wear T-shirts so if you send me one I probably wont wear it very often, if that's all you got then I'll take a XXXL cause I'm a huge fatty.
    I own a PS3, a PSP and a shitty old computer with no video card at all.
    I have been thinking of getting a DS lite, so if you're feeling really charitable go right ahead and buy me one.
    I would love a Nerf Maverick, or even a longshot cause you can't get them here.
    If you're stumped here's a link to my amazon wishlist. Use it as a guide of the kind of things I like.
    Oh, and NSFW stuff is fine and dandy, so long as it's not blazoned on the packaging.

    lardalish- Ok, for clothing shirts are cool, dont bother with pants or anythin else. XL to XXL on shirts, I like alot of the threadless shirts (meat is murder, the panda attacking the tank, the 4 rennesaince artists wearing the corosponding TMNT mask, a few of my favorites to give you an idea of what I like.). For gaming I have a Wii and a PS2 and a computer that is kinda on the low side performance-wise. I like RPG's, action/adventure, and FPS, I value a story more than gameplay. For music I like lots of stuff. Don't care for country, rap, or screaming, but I enjoy just about everything else. If you want more specifics then just get someone to get the details (IE PM random guy and have them ask for a list). DVD's are mostly martial arts, comedy, and sci-fi, again, like the music if you need something more specific then get someone to ask. Other than that, I'm a nerd, and since you're probably a nerd then you probably can do no wrong. I'm not picky, anything will be nifty.

    Xaquin - I enjoy MST3k and obscure rock albums or just cool stuff really, I'm not picky.
    Also, I have a PS1 but only 1 game for it (FF Tactics) I have a wishlist in my sig too if you want some easy ideas
    and like Stale I enjoy cooking with a passion
    no NSFW please

    Zot - I own a DS, Wii, and PS2. I wear a size Large shirt. I like Achewood, and I'm a fan of Venture Bros., Clone High, Batman: The Animated Series (I have #2 already), Justice League Unlimited and the Simpsons. I could use a new wiimote, and for DS the game I would want is Legend Of Zelda- Phantom Hourglass. I could use some new reading material as well. NSFW stuff is okay I guess but be reminded that I live with my parents, so nothing too "over the top". I also like action figures of all varieties. Surprise me.

    Tossrock - My Suggestions
    Ok dear Secret Satan hello I am Tossrock
    I like creative gifts, joke gifts, standard gifts, home made gifts, pretty much any type of gift! I'll appreciate anything you get me! For electronics, I have a DS lite, a Macbook Pro, a Cube I never use, a PS2 I never use, and an iPod nano (last gen). I wear a medium sized shirt. I love reading, movies, music; pretty much any type of media you'd like to share with me would be cool.
    If you're terrified by the idea of trying to think of something gifts, I'd certainly appreciate NWN2: MotB, the Orange Box, some nice dark chocolate, or a cheap craigslist hooker. If you're fabulously wealthy and want to be my sugar-parent, a wacom tablet, a 360, a pony, or an actually female craigslist hooker would be neat.


    As7 - Firstly, NSFW is fine, but don't send me straight porn unless there is a really good punchline to it. I would love some gifted Amtrak miles for travel between Seattle and Canada and Oregon. I have a Wii and could use two new controllers to complete the set. The only game I'm currently obsessed with is Smash Brothers Brawl, which isn't even out yet, but in general buying me a game that's already out is probably not the best idea...though Virtual Console points are welcome. I enjoy a good book now and then but not a lot has caught my interest as of late. Mostly I read fiction. I am a microbiologist, and cool lab gear is always welcome! maybe a kick ass lab coat? As a general rule I wear a medium in most anything, though threadless shirts seem to fit me best when they are a large, and the optimal pant measurements are 32 waist by 30 leg. Feel free to talk to Mully about any gifts for me, she won't tattle, at least about any specifics.

    One last thing...please refrain from mailing me anything until after the 5th of November, as I will not be moved into the mailing address you were given until then.

    The Geebs That Is A Mod

    kusugattai -
    okay guys i still live with my parents so nsfw is out of the god damned question
    systems I own:
    Gamecube (absolutely own ZERO games for it)
    DS (phoenix wright 1+2, Pokemon, Castlevania: not portrait of ruin, cooking mama)
    PS2 (Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne, Sky Gunner, FF12, FFX, God of War 1, RE:4,
    Dark Cloud 1, random sports titles, Katamari Damacy, GH2)
    I would absolutely LOVE some really old psone games that are totally rad

    Although I am totally not expecting it, a 360 or PSP would be so fucking awesome. Just oh god I'd fly over on euphoria and hump you

    as for comic books, i own loads, but if you want to send me single issues of Green Arrow Year One issue 1, or Thor #4, I would love youuuuu (I missed these)

    Shirt size medium
    sweater size small

    as for random crap, I own every season of the simpsons worth owning, the entire series of Arrested Development, and movies I am woefully lacking in.

    Books? I own quite a few, but you can send me some if you think they are rad.

    Anything else is fair game!

    Oh wait, also I LOVEEE achewood, and own the first 5 books thanks to last years Satan!

    futility - I hope this helps but I'm trying to keep it somewhat vague as to elicit creativity: I like geeky toys from thinkgeek. I've got an xbox360, a ds and a pc. I don't really wear t-shirts. Can't really do NSFW. I enjoy anime, music, books, movies and comics. Also I have been trying to start playing table top games (500 pts of warhammer 40k with tau wheee). So yeah... I like anything that falls into the category of geeky...

    starfuck (ODOE ON THE PACKAGE PLEASE) - My interests include things like music, geography, fitness and audio stuff. I've also gotten into electronics as a hobby recently. Here is my
    I am a geographer too, so cool geography related things like globes, maps, books or anything like that would be really cool. So I guess a basic list would be music, books,music. I like toys, like transformers or superhero toys.Thank you Satan and I hope this helps you get a basic idea. Honestly, I'd be happy to just get mail. I like getting mail, it makes me feel special. No NSFW stuff though, I got kids in the house.


    Ronjon - I love trying new alcohol so if your over 21 feel free to send me your favorite beer/liqour/wine/whatever. I have a DS and Wii, I have mario kart, Mario vs. Dk2, Puzzle quest, Zelda, and Nintendogs for DS, I have zelda and excite truck for Wii, so any games there would be cool, I'd really love to play your favorite GCN game because I never played many of those games. Used games are totally cool. Also if you are poor and too young to buy me booze, a good coloring book is always welcome.


    Reginald - I like horror movies, I wear XL shirts, I collect wax(records). Any 180 gram wax is cherished, even if it is the bee gees or some shit. I own pretty much every comic on the planet, so that's a tough buy for me. Have fun, I like crazy stuff.

    Bushi - I'm cool with pretty much anything at all. NSFW is more than okay. I've a XB360, a Xbox, a PS2, a DS, and a Wii. I'm a big comic book nerd, but my reading anywhere outside of the Marvel universe is severely lacking. I watch a lot of movies and read a good bit, and I'm definitely open to most genres of both.
    Here is my wishlist, if you want to get a better idea of the kind of crap I usually like.


    mully - There's a "wishlist" in my signature for ideas only. (Mind you, I could REALLY use those pens from DickBlick.) If you're really lost for ideas - remember I love to draw, I'm currently obsessed with Gears of War and Assassins Creed (though I own both) and Reservoir Dogs, and Amtrak vouchers are always necessary (VAC - SEA). If that STILL doesn't help - talk to As7, Bombardier or Tyjet.

    Commie - i buy things a lot so i will list only things i will not buy until after christmas...i love music, video games and movies far too much i am also a huge nerd and love things from thinkgeek. as far as books go i love the sherlock series and only have volume 1 of the complete series, i also like kamikaze and the martian chronicles but don't have those yet, and over all my book supply is rather lacking so any book you love. i like to get a bit of the forumers own personality in the gifts. cds, this is kind of hard considering i have a rather large collection. however i would like outbound by bela fleck, and most cds by tom waits (i have blood money, small change, rain dogs already and would love foreign affairs) and possibly your favorite cd. as far as video games go i have a Computer (that can run most games), Wii, PS2, PSP, DS, and all of the old consoles. since i can't list all of my movies, games, and cds, if you aren't sure on which ones i have already you can message phonehand or blackwind either of them will know what i have or who to ask to get it. like i said, i also love getting a bit of every forumers personality with every gift. thanks


    Belruel - i wear a girl's medium shirt, a men's small.
    NO SPORTS GAMES PLEASE, used games are just fine for me, i buy most of my own games used.
    the only ds game i want is
    -super mario (i don't have any mario games for my ds, and that's weird)
    psp-i own
    -loco roco, lumines and 'Me and my katamari', i love puzzle games a whole lot, but i enjoy all sorts of games. so a psp game that you know is good would be neat.
    wii- i have wario ware, mario party, twilight princess, and i think that's about it. a really good wii game would be so awesome.
    360- i own dead rising, bioshock, halo 3, oblivion, and i am sure a few others my brother fancies. i have not heard of any games (currently out) that i want for the 360 that i do not already own, so that wouldn't be the best route to get a gift for me.
    i don't have very many movies of my own, but i have netflix, so usually movies are a no-no for me, i can get them easily. i will probably put together an amazon gift list later with any movies/box sets i would enjoy.
    i would love some good graphic novels or comic books (i have yet to read watchmen) (i have read many comics, but own few of my own, so really, anything is good)
    i love books, but i have read so much fantasy that it would be difficult to get me a book (to my tastes) that i haven't read already. i enjoy reading serious literature as well, but i read so much of it for school that i don't like to spend my leisure hours reading books like that, but if it is a brilliant book that you know i would like, go ahead, i will definitely read it eventually.
    i own a macbook pro, but i can run bootcamp on it for any fun games, but i generally do not game on my computer much (not since i quit WoW)
    Please no NSFW, i have almost zero privacy in my home, and as much as i would like to receive something like that, i would have nowhere safe to keep it away from my family's prying eyes. and i don't drink at all, so alcohol would be wasted on the likes of me.

    Cosmic Sombrero - Hello, I know who you are. Consider what this means in relation to the gift you send.
    I have a DS, but I possess no games other than Mario Kart and that crappy Yoshi thing that came out a long time ago, so any good DS games would be rad. I also have a Wii, and the new Metroid would be kind of cool to have, but I understand that video games are expensive. I own a nice computer that can play most anything, so you can send something in that vein too, but I'd kind of discourage it.

    I enjoy Avatar, The Office, The Venture Brothers, and any good cartoon. The only anime merchandise I'd like to posses on any level would be FLCL paraphernalia or DVD's.

    Shirts are fine, I wear a large. If you do go this route, I will please request that the shirt is not too obnoxious or excessively lettered, meaning no slogan tees.

    I read comic books. Comic books are good. The only writer I prefer to avoid is Frank Miller.

    Oh, you know what would be awesome? The limited edition Big Daddy from Bioshock, that would be awesome. It'd also probably be impossible to find, so ignore me.

    I like Modest Mouse a whole lot. TMBG is also cool, but I have a lot of their music and I'm kind of burnt out on them. I think I like Spoon, so it'd be good to have some of them. The Decemberists are "aight" too.

    I play Warhammer 40k, the tabletop game; specifically Witch Hunters. If you want to send me any of that, feel free. I can use anything. While I don't play P&P RPG's often, I do like them. Any source books or whathaveyou would not go unread.

    Speaking of which, I like to read. The last five books I read were Atlas Shrugged, Breakfast of Champions, House of Leaves, You Suck!, and Lamb. I'd really like some more Christopher Moore.

    TL,DR: Wii, DS, Computer, Avatar, The Office, Non-Obnoxious Shirts, 40k, Music, Comique Bookes, and Real Books.

    All of the above are just easy suggestions; you are encouraged to feel free to surprise me. I really don't care about the monetary value of the item, so long as it is absolutely incredible and makes me want to pee myself. NSFW items are alright, but please be subtle and I honestly do not want anything pornographic in nature. Remember, I know you and I am disgusted by what you have done.

    Daric - I read a lot of comic books but my favorite is easily Fables. Anything Fables related is good. I watch movies/tv a lot too. If you want to get me the first season of your favorite show that would be a really good idea. Basically, I don't really care what I get. Get me something you would like because chances are, I'll like it too.
    Oh and no NSFW. I still live at home so it'd be a little awkward to explain why some random person sent me a double-ended dildo in the mail.


    SporkAndrew - So I'm pretty much a Lucasarts adventure game
    geek. I've played almost all of them and loved every one that I have.
    I grew up with Monkey Island. I can't wait for Sam + Max Season 2 as
    I loved the first and own the age of S&M sketchbook as well as the
    "Western" signed print and the Ep1 dvd.

    I'm also an Imagineering nerd that loves the concepts and workings
    behind the Disney parks and attractions. I've never managed to get a
    hold of some of the neater books that are out there that give insights
    into specific stuff so that'd be neat.

    Things I have if you want to cop out and just get a game or something:
    Awesome PC,

    I'm also a medium shirt.

    And if you still haven't got any idea I've got an Amazon UK wishlist.
    You should have my name / address so you should be able to figure out
    which one I am pretty easily. (Hint: It's the first one.) Totally OK
    with NSFW stuff, by the way.

    The Otaku Inquisition

    Zombies Tossed My Salad(ZeroZero) - I wear YL or SM shirts. But clothes are really not that good of an idea, becasue I mostly wear band shirts and threadless stuff. If you want to buy me a shirt I can point you to a few bands I like. I have a PS2, 360, DS, and a decent PC. Any thing music will be appreciated. I like comics, but I have almost none. I have Red Son and Marvel Zombies. I really prefer Marvel to DC. Booze and snacks are encouraged. Only good booze though, no SoCo or rum of any kind please. I do like beer. Weird food is good, but nothing with fish because I'm allergic and I will die. NSFW is ok and encouraged.

    precisionk - I am pretty open to stuff. I really like
    gadgets and tech savy type junk. Thinkgeek has some cool things over
    there like super powered magnets or whatever. I am also a classy
    gentleman and enjoy the booze. NSFW is certainly welcome. If your
    from a foreign country, ever awesomer as anything specific or special
    from your foreign lands would do just great too seeing as America is
    the melting pot of shit items. Anything you feel that is a " must
    watch/owned is certainly cool and I am welcome to other peoples


    agentoforange - I like DC comics, I'm a fan of The Question, Ray Palmer, and Elongated Man. Batman always kicks ass. I don't expect it, but I'll just say I love the 52 series and I don't own it myself. I think asking for video games is a bit much, but I have a DS but don't have many games, and I typically game via PC. I love TF2 and have about 20 hours down as a Spy, and theres a pretty cool t-shirt on valve's website. If you're an artist, it'd be cool if I had a bit of printed work to remember you by. Really, above all I'd prefer anything personal, funny, or orginial. That would be awesome; you don't need to be an artist for that sort of thing so don't worry about it.

    Darkseid - I have a PS2, a Gamecube, a DS , a SNES, and a GBA. No
    computer that is game-capable in the slightest. I have a huge boner for
    Final Fantasy, although I own all the games.
    I read a fair amount, and although I normally stick close to Sci-Fi/Fantasy,
    I'm always willing to read anything good. I'm partial to instrumental music
    or film scores, and enjoy graphic novels, although so far I own very little
    (basically Civil War and the newest Spideys is all.) I wear a L shirt, and
    will wear basically anything. Handmade is awesome, especially any form of
    art. My walls are bare. NSFW is definitely encouraged, however, the box
    itself must be SFW.

    My wishlist for last resorts:


    Quirk - I like most things, and would be happy with anything, I'm a fan of old sci-fi, punk, rock, ska, blues, jazz, hell most music I can appreciate on some level. I have no gaming systems and a weak-ass laptop so there's that. Shirt size XL or XXL. NSFW is totally fine, as is booze or smokeables of any kind. I enjoy pretty much most films and books, and I'm always happy to try new things, so if there's something you're particularly passionate about and wanna send some along that would be amazing.

    ManonvonSuperock -Here is a link to an extended post.
    Also, I don't wear T-shirts, so any received will probably become re-gifts. If you feel the need to buy me a big-ass Shazam! Onesie or anything, my measurements are: XL shirt, 17.5 neck, 34 arms, 46 chest, 42 waist, 30 inseam. (those are inches, not number of body parts.) NSFW is okay, just as long as there's a good gag behind it. I'm a grown-ass man (currently under debate -ed.), so there's no parents or anything that would bitch about it.

    Kuribo's Shoe on
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    MeissnerdMeissnerd Registered User regular
    edited October 2007
    MiracleManS - I like to read more often than not. I just have to find time for it. I enjoy the Dune series so far and am up to Children of Dune. I've also been reading the Wheel of Time but severely dislike Robert Jordan for dying. Also I enjoy video games. I have an original Xbox and a broken 360 that cannot be returned as I did not get the good ring of death, but the bad one so don't buy me 360 games unless you want to buy me a 360, which I don't expect. I also own a DS with like 3 games that I don't even play to finish because I'm addicted to WoW. I enjoy comic books but do not own any because I have $0 most of the time, so if you send me some, I'll be extremely interested. NSFW is ok, just don't make it too crazy so my girlfriend doesn't get concerned. I'm pretty easy to please as I'm just looking forward to great ideas from someone. I'm also a Ninja Turtles fan, if you get/draw/make me something Ninja Turtles, I'll probably fellate you.

    Agent Vesago

    cSpooge - If you're going to get shirts I wear a large for most shirts (unless the company makes smaller than normal shirts). I read a lot of books so those are always good. I read mostly Sci-Fi/Fantasy but if its a good book I will usually read anything. I collect vinyl toys (mostly Kid Robot stuff) so you can always get some of those if you want. I own a Wii (I have Metroid, Strikers and Paper Mario), a PS2 (all my games are RPGS so unless its an obscure RPG I probably have it) and I have a high end gaming PC that can run any new game that has come out recently. I'd also prefer stuff that isn't NSFW.
    FlamingPineapple - Hi! Chances are you are annoyed by having a lurker as a Satanee, but I assure you that I am awesome (I have references). Basically I like to be surprised so I don't have any really specific suggestions. I like random things, NSFW things, alcohol-related things (I am 21+) . . . I wouldn't get me any gaming stuff in general because I am sadly behind the times with that. I do enjoy a lot of the gadgets on, if you like doing the whole internet ordering thing. Shirt size is large, though I think it depends on the brand. I enjoy listening to new music so if you know any good indie or more underground stuff that is rock/punk/funk/folk inspired you could always give me a mixed CD or a CD of one of your favorite bands, etc. This may or may not help things, but I am also female, so I don't really desire a Fleshlight for the time being. I am pretty easy to please, so don't worry too much.


    Raneados - Honestly, most anything would be great. I wear medium sized shirts. I own a PS2 and am looking into getting a PSP and Monster Hunter Freedom 2 should I ever become a rich bitch. I also have a decent PC. I've been planning on getting GHIII when it comes out, but if you plan to send me it, please let me know through another person (so I can hold off getting it and so I don't end up with 2 copies, teehee). I've been trying to get the discworld set for a long time, and currently have 0 of the books, I've never found a set for all of them at a decent price. NSFW is alright. Just keep in mind I may have to explain any gifts to roommates and girlfriend(s). I've been in the market for a cane for my knee for a little bit, but cane sizing eludes me. I'm 6'1 for reference. Used/homemade presents are absolutely fine. I also enjoy reading on occasion. Little gadgets are always fun. Especially things I can attack my apartment roommates with. Oh man I want to fly a tiny helicopter into their faces so bad. Honestly, anything at all will be caressed and fondled and longed after lustfully.



    Favlaud - I wear a size XL t-shirt. My systems include a Wii, DS, and
    360. Used games are perfectly fine, as are used books. Grab-bag of
    little things you think would be awesome are also highly encouraged;
    no meaning or reason to the items needed! Local crafts and shit are
    awesome, as are posters and pictures of just about anything.


    Edward Strangelove - I live with my parents but I doubt they'll mind any weird gifts unless they're illegal. DS and PC games are good. I wear a size M shirt. Looking to get some Funk CDs soon. You could help pimp out my dodge neon. Basically though, if it's well thought out and funny I'll like it.



    Skinny87 - I like anything star-trek related, so that's always a good idea, and anything sci-fi in general. Computer games (I have a 360) and pc games would also be nice, although since I'm in the UK you'd have to use amazon. NSFW is absolutely fine, although hopefully it would be something kinda tasteful. I love reading books - anything sci-fi or history-related would be cool.

    Arithena - I like things that show YOUR personality and creativity above all else really. I don't like having a whole lot of money spent on me, but hey, you wanna send me your favorite liquor? Who am I to argue?! Humor is totally awesome too, so if it makes you laugh uncontrollably, I will probably at least get a snicker out of it. I wear a shirt size L. I play my DS pretty religiously, but I don't have very many games for it. I don't really want to list everything here, so talk to whippy if you want to take that route. I am a huge geek for classic gaming stuff. From atari to SNES is probably my favorite era. I am a huge Huge ENORMOUS fan of the Zelda series. Any awesome accessories, toys, shirts...basically anything to do with LoZ will be appreciated, loved, and probably touched inappropriately. If you have any other questions, talk to whippy. He knows whats up.

    Captain K

    Hamju - Well, let's see. I've got a GC but I don't really have a TV (I've got a nice LCD but not any kind of adapter to plug my GC into it). PC is a moderate gaming PC, but I plan to upgrade sometime this year. I play PC games like RTS/Strategy (like Rome:TW) and a few RPG-like games (I really enjoyed Fable and KotOR). Also have HL2 and Ep1 and love them both. Totally ok with NSFW stuff/booze. I wear a men's medium shirt. Other hobbies include Magic: the Gathering, music (classical, jazz mostly), and watching some shows (House, The Office, Dexter, and Firefly).


    Dex Dynamo - I wear medium shirts, and size 32 pants, 38 jackets. I enjoy comic books, particularly DC comics, but just about anything fun- I do not care for hyperserious angsty work. I also do not enjoy anime is my other picky comment. But overall I'm pretty easy to please, so buy or make whatever you wish and I'm sure I will enjoy it. I love goofy things, so the stranger the better. NSFW is A-OK by me, except for booze, as I would in fact be evicted from my dorms for receiving it, and that would not be cool. I only have my PC, but it is good enough to run most games. Finally, no matter what you get, do not feel it is not enough, I will love it.


    IpseDixit - I enjoy many typical geeky things: video games,
    movies, TV, and books. I also enjoy photography, and
    amature DJ'ing.
    I have a PS3 and a PS2.
    I enjoy comedies, horror movies, and sci fi/fantasy
    movies. Blu-Ray movies are encouraged.
    My favorite TV shows are Rome, Deadwood, South Park,
    Venture Brothers, and CSI.
    I like science fiction and fantasy books. Piers
    Anthony, Robert Asprin, Margaret Weis, Tracy Hickman,
    and Phillip Jose Farmer are my favorite authors.
    I have a Canon Powershot S3 IS camera. I don't really
    need anything for it except maybe the telephoto lens.
    I am just getting interested in Digital DJ'ing. So DJ
    software or digital hardware would be a wonderful
    surprise (I have a Mac: 1.42Ghz G4 iBook so keep that
    in mind if you want to buy me software).
    Although it's taboo for this board I also enjoy anime
    and manga. I prefer comedy and action anime.
    I wear a size Large t-shirt.
    If you send me something NSFW it had better be damned
    fucking clever.
    Oh yes alcohol is a fine gift as well. Tequilla and
    Rum are my favorite types of alcohol. No beer or wine
    Also if you can't think of anything good based on that
    here's my Amazon list:


    Mulysasempronius Anything, really. I don't play any games except DnD and WoW. Ever. Not even tag. I wear a men's Large (girly shirts are so strange) or Medium. If you are into comics, get me something good- I've been meaning to read some and don't have many yet (if you want to know what I already have, you can secretly pm me (or LiteJedi if you want to be extra sneaky) or something, but the list is more eclectic than that long.) The only other person who will be looking at my gift is my bf, so you can send nsfw stuff, but he might be cross at you.


    mr. papercuts - I like to read. I just bought a Wii and have nothing for it but Prime 3 and Wii Play, but I love it so I do want to get all the little trinkets for it. I don't mind used stuff at all. I like weird things. I would love anything homemade. Feel free to give me something tiny, I'll be happy with anything.
    P. S. I am over 21, drink and smoke, and NSFW is juuuust fine.

    Druhim - I wear a large in shirts, but please no "gamer" shirts as I just don't wear them. I love to read but I lean toward books about biology and science in general and have many books by Stephen J. Gould. For fiction, I lean more toward sci-fi than fantasy but for either I prefer stuff that's intelligent and consistent. I've read almost everything by Zelazny, much of C.J. Cherryh's books, Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle when I was younger. I like some pretty solid science in my sci-fi, not just magic make believe crap renamed as sci-fi (so I don't really consider Star Trek to be sci-fi). I've also read most of Neal Stephenson's books and greatly enjoyed them. I love video games, but generally would recommend against them as a gift because I: don't own any consoles, only have 1 handheld (Gameboy SP), and although I play mostly computer games my system isn't a powerhouse so many recent releases that are graphics intensive either won't run or will run poorly on my PC (need a new graphics card first and Vista can be a problem as well). I welcome anything handmade by you and NSFW is not only acceptable, but encouraged especially if it's funny (don't just print out lensman as a card, I've seen it and having a hard copy wouldn't really be funny, just redundant and stupid - be creative). Check out my wishlist in my sig if you're looking for more ideas (DVDs welcome), and don't feel bad if you can't think of anything and order something from the list. Also don't feel bad if you don't order me anything at all. I emphasize that handmade gifts are welcome as long as you put some effort and thought into it, especially if it makes me laugh.


    Dee kae - XL for shirts, and roughly anything'll work. NSFW is fine
    too. I'm a generic average gamer (I don't have a PS3, all else is fine.) so
    even if I ended up with fresh fruit n' dollar store items. it'd be awesome.
    (Dont send fresh fruit, or fruit unless it's plastic or something. Maybe a
    comical oversized banana.) Like everyone else though choose something you'll
    know'll be hilarious or pure awesome.


    Balthy13 - I still play World of Warcraft for some ungodly reason, so a game card would be keen, I also
    like different little gadgets. Really, though, you could get me anything, I wear a L sized shirt, XL to be safe, if you have to.
    I have this here tiny Amazon wishlist: if'n you can't think of anything.
    You could go through all that trouble or not get me anything at all, either way, I'm really only participating in this to give someone something.


    Tugga - Tucker on the package please, forgot to mention that. Address is my parents house, but they'd be ok with NSFW but dont be gay and get just pure unadulterated porn cause that would make sort of an awkward situation. I play guitar and im trying to learn to play harmonica, so educational books that are in the blues style are more than welcome. Pretty much any music is welcome as long as its good music. I've asked for a turntable for christmas, and if i dont get it i'm just gonna buy my own so vinyl records would be fantastic. My music taste is mostly classic rock and psychedelic and i really dig stuff from the late 60s, but no Hendrix as i already have 98% of his entire recordings. And i'm sort of gettin into instrumental metal and i really like Buckethead, Steve Vai, etc, but i don't have much of their cds. I do not have any game systems in my dorm room and my laptop can only play games from 4-5 years ago. My tshirt size is large and i wear 36/34 pants. And stuff for dorm room shenanigans is more than welcome.

    Butters - I have a DS, a Wii, a 360, and a fairly up-to-snuff PC. I like strategy games, war games, FPS', and the occasional RPG. I am not a fan of pokemon or other Japanese stuff. Not really a reader either, not even comics. I love booze and can be a bit of a beersnob. I like most variations of whiskey (single malt scotch, bourbon, Irish, Jack, Canadian, etc.) and love trying new ones so if you have something little known or local in mind (like a micro brew in your area), maybe a personal of family favorite label I would totally give it a shot. If you buy something just because it had a cool looking bottle, a funny name, or a glass that came with it that is cool too. I've got an amazon wishlist and when all else fails (or you run out of time) a giftcard from GAP, Express, or Best Buy is cool. Honestly, anything you get me will be fine.

    McNally - Suprise me. shirt size medium. pants waist 34 and inseam 34. shoes 13. i like books and i havn't bought cds or dvds in a while so anything recent i don't have.

    Sars_Boy - I'm really into comics, so if you think I'll like something you do, go for it. Um, as long as it's a thoughtful gift, I will be cool with whatever you get me. Books are good. I have a Xbox 360, PS2, Wii, and DS. I really like fighting games. Shirt size is a L. NSFW is not recommended, but if you think it will be truly fucking funny, by all means do it.
    Whatever you think would be a really neat gift.
    I just don't want to get a fleshlight or anything.

    The Geek - To my satan:
    Don't feel like you have to get me anything on my list or follow any of my suggestions. Half the fun is figuring out a fun gift. The suggestions here are only for if you get stumped for whatever reason.
    That being said, I wear XL in t-shirts.
    I enjoy many cartoons and love Pixar stuff.
    I always enjoy video game soundtracks and there are a few must-haves I need to get eventually such as God of War 1 and/or 2, Kingdom Hearts 2, Final Fantasy XII, Halo 3 and some others.
    I've been thinking about trying to get into comic books lately, but don't know where to start.
    I have Xbox, 360, PS2, NES, SNES, N64, GameCube, GBA, DS, Genesis.
    My Xbox Live account is due to run out in December, and I wanna keep playing on Live, so one of those Live 3 or 12 month cards would be cool. XBLA and Wii points are also rad.
    I really like Danny Elfman.
    I love Weird Al, but there probably isn't a whole lot you could get me of his that I don't already have. At least, nothing that wouldn't be fairly pricey.
    I also have an Amazon Wish List in my sig.
    Anyhoo, just have fun. I will love whatever you get me because it's awesome to get free presents from internet people that I probably haven't even met.

    Meissnerd on
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    Captain KCaptain K Registered User regular
    edited October 2007
    I haven' tbeen on the boards much the last couple of days... did we get assigned yet? Is the PM that I got from Ani_B an official one telling me who my Santee is?

    Captain K on
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    MeissnerdMeissnerd Registered User regular
    edited October 2007
    Yeah, her and Shoe are sending them out.

    Meissnerd on
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    BusterKBusterK Negativity is Boring Cynicism is Cowardice Registered User regular
    edited October 2007
    I just wanna say again I would be very happy with anything on my wishlist
    Or something not on my wishlist
    Just no fecal matter
    from any kind of animal
    or Pokemon

    BusterK on
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    Captain KCaptain K Registered User regular
    edited October 2007
    Awesome. Time to start shopping!

    Captain K on
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    BusterKBusterK Negativity is Boring Cynicism is Cowardice Registered User regular
    edited October 2007
    BusterK wrote: »
    I just wanna say again I would be very happy with anything on my wishlist
    Or something not on my wishlist
    Just no fecal matter
    from any kind of animal
    or Pokemon

    I just realized I made it seem I just didn't want Pokemon poop
    I actually don't want anything pokemon related
    Or for that matter any tabletop gaming
    I see it as one step removed from LARPing

    BusterK on
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    Kuribo's ShoeKuribo's Shoe Kuribo's Stocking North PoleRegistered User regular
    edited October 2007
    ur dum buster

    Kuribo's Shoe on
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    potatoepotatoe Registered User regular
    edited October 2007
    i should have added in my description that i am a big vagina and i like pokemon and all sorts of kiddie games

    but it has already been sent and oh well

    potatoe on
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    MeissnerdMeissnerd Registered User regular
    edited October 2007

    Meissnerd on
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    ZeroFillZeroFill Feeling much better. A nice, green leaf.Registered User regular
    edited October 2007
    lemur poop coffee beans, right

    ZeroFill on
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    Kuribo's ShoeKuribo's Shoe Kuribo's Stocking North PoleRegistered User regular
    edited October 2007
    I'm probably pretty easy to shop for

    Kuribo's Shoe on
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    BusterKBusterK Negativity is Boring Cynicism is Cowardice Registered User regular
    edited October 2007
    ur dum buster

    More then anything I'm afraid I'd get too into it
    I went to Gameworks once and listened to a guy explain how the Lord of the Rings one worked
    And I just knew if I was still in High School I would have been all over that
    But now I have many other things I should be doing

    BusterK on
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    potatoepotatoe Registered User regular
    edited October 2007
    BusterK wrote: »
    ur dum buster

    More then anything I'm afraid I'd get too into it
    I went to Gameworks once and listened to a guy explain how the Lord of the Rings one worked
    And I just knew if I was still in High School I would have been all over that
    But now I have many other things I should be doing

    shoe was saying that ur dum for posting all your wants in posts

    you were supposed to email scarletto

    potatoe on
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    Kuribo's ShoeKuribo's Shoe Kuribo's Stocking North PoleRegistered User regular
    edited October 2007
    actually no

    but that is a good point tater tot

    Kuribo's Shoe on
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    <3<3 Registered User regular
    edited October 2007

    <3 on
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    BusterKBusterK Negativity is Boring Cynicism is Cowardice Registered User regular
    edited October 2007
    potatoe wrote: »
    BusterK wrote: »
    ur dum buster

    More then anything I'm afraid I'd get too into it
    I went to Gameworks once and listened to a guy explain how the Lord of the Rings one worked
    And I just knew if I was still in High School I would have been all over that
    But now I have many other things I should be doing

    shoe was saying that ur dum for posting all your wants in posts

    you were supposed to email scarletto

    I'm still not even sure how that works
    And I have my wishlist in my sig so who cares?

    BusterK on
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    Caulk Bite 6Caulk Bite 6 One of the multitude of Dans infesting this place Registered User regular
    edited October 2007
    Email sent.

    I have a pretty decent idea of what I'm going to do for mine, and just bought some supplies for such, but this thread will be a definite boon, should I be off the mark slightly.

    Caulk Bite 6 on
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    MeissnerdMeissnerd Registered User regular
    edited October 2007
    My guy hasn't posted in several days.

    Meissnerd on
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    Kuribo's ShoeKuribo's Shoe Kuribo's Stocking North PoleRegistered User regular
    edited October 2007

    Kuribo's Shoe on
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    MeissnerdMeissnerd Registered User regular
    edited October 2007
    Ok so I'm here in megaman 2


    And I know I have to use crash stuff

    But I always run out of energy

    Meissnerd on
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    OrestesOrestes Registered User regular
    edited October 2007
    Yeah, my guy hasen't posted since.

    Well almost since he joined this.

    Orestes on
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    DruhimDruhim Registered User, ClubPA regular
    edited October 2007
    Even if your recipient hasn't posted regarding their preferences and such, check their sig as they may have added a wishlist. Mine hasn't posted about what he wants but does have a wishlist linked, so I'll use that as inspiration if he doesn't post anything else.

    Druhim on
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    HamjuHamju Registered User regular
    edited October 2007
    I kinda feel like an ass posting what I want for a SS, so I tried to be kinda vague. Really I just want to be pleasantly surprised.

    Hamju on
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    MeissnerdMeissnerd Registered User regular
    edited October 2007
    I, uh, don't actually want a Bedazzler.

    Meissnerd on
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    The GeekThe Geek Oh-Two Crew, Omeganaut Registered User, ClubPA regular
    edited October 2007

    doot doot deet doot doot

    doot doot dah dah doot

    The Geek on
    BLM - ACAB
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    GreenGreen Stick around. I'm full of bad ideas.Registered User regular
    edited October 2007
    Secret Satan gift ideas, hooooooo

    I have a wishlist now but it's mostly DVDs, really anything would be awesome

    Shirts should be XXL - XXXL so I can wear them forever

    Throw in some Lemonheads too, I love those

    (no NSFW please)

    Green on
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    BusterKBusterK Negativity is Boring Cynicism is Cowardice Registered User regular
    edited October 2007
    I just don't see how this e-mailing business is superior to wishlists in sigs

    BusterK on
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    DruhimDruhim Registered User, ClubPA regular
    edited October 2007
    BusterK wrote: »
    I just don't see how this e-mailing business is superior to wishlists in sigs
    the op will be updated so what we e-mailed will be displayed there
    this gives people a lot more flexibility in giving general guidelines instead of saying, "these are the specific things I want"

    Druhim on
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    BusterKBusterK Negativity is Boring Cynicism is Cowardice Registered User regular
    edited October 2007
    Druhim wrote: »
    BusterK wrote: »
    I just don't see how this e-mailing business is superior to wishlists in sigs
    the op will be updated so what we e-mailed will be displayed there
    this gives people a lot more flexibility in giving general guidelines instead of saying, "these are the specific things I want"

    Meh, I can use a wishlist as a guideline just as easy

    BusterK on
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    GreenGreen Stick around. I'm full of bad ideas.Registered User regular
    edited October 2007
    Druhim wrote: »
    BusterK wrote: »
    I just don't see how this e-mailing business is superior to wishlists in sigs
    the op will be updated so what we e-mailed will be displayed there
    this gives people a lot more flexibility in giving general guidelines instead of saying, "these are the specific things I want"

    Wouldn't it be just as easy to make a post here with gift guidelines

    Green on
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    potatoepotatoe Registered User regular
    edited October 2007
    BusterK wrote: »
    I just don't see how this e-mailing business is superior to wishlists in sigs

    some of us don't have wishlists
    maybe because we are too lazy to be bothered with going through amazon to find all the things we might want
    or maybe because we don't want to give them the temptation of buying something from a list and want them to actually think about it
    or maybe we just suck at life

    potatoe on
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    potatoepotatoe Registered User regular
    edited October 2007
    did we have people complaining about having scarlet write them all up in the OP last year?
    if we did, i sure don't remember it

    potatoe on
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    DruhimDruhim Registered User, ClubPA regular
    edited October 2007
    Hey, guess what fuckfaces? If you don't want to e-mail your info to be displayed on the OP then DON'T. There's no need to explain why you're not.

    Druhim on
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    BusterKBusterK Negativity is Boring Cynicism is Cowardice Registered User regular
    edited October 2007
    potatoe wrote: »
    did we have people complaining about having scarlet write them all up in the OP last year?
    if we did, i sure don't remember it

    Hey you were giving me shit for not e-mailing
    So I gave a reason

    BusterK on
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    potatoepotatoe Registered User regular
    edited October 2007
    BusterK wrote: »
    potatoe wrote: »
    did we have people complaining about having scarlet write them all up in the OP last year?
    if we did, i sure don't remember it

    Hey you were giving me shit for not e-mailing
    So I gave a reason

    but that was because you were writing it out in posts

    look, i wasn't giving you shit, i was just saying stuff
    i don't give people shit unless it is warranted...i just thought you were confused and didn't read the OP or something

    potatoe on
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    DruhimDruhim Registered User, ClubPA regular
    edited October 2007
    I just don't understand why you guys are making a big deal out of how difficult it apparently is to send an e-mail out so that your info is in the OP where it's really easy for your SS to find it instead of having to search through your post history, but whatever. Do whatever the fuck you want.

    Druhim on
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    KusuguttaiKusuguttai __BANNED USERS regular
    edited October 2007
    The Geek wrote: »

    doot doot deet doot doot

    doot doot dah dah doot

    won't you take me to

    funky towwnn

    Kusuguttai on
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    LarlarLarlar consecutive normal brunches Moderator, ClubPA mod
    edited October 2007
    I still don't even know what to suggest. Like Hamju, I'd rather be kind of vague and open the package to find surprising awesomeness. If there's anything specific I know I absolutely want, I usually just go buy it.

    All right, time to try and write an e-mail, I guess.

    Larlar on
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    edited October 2007
    I just put general stuff in my Email. Well maybe a throw in suggestion.

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