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I want to start a business

NibbleNibble Registered User regular
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I've been thinking for some time now about starting a small business in order to produce and sell a number of products and services related to language learning. While I'm quite familiar with the subject matter, I know next to nothing about business and marketing, so I'd really like to find good books or online resources related to running a business in general, especially:
  • How to identify and investigate the market: who's buying what, what's in demand, evaluating my competitors
  • How to tailor my products for the market
  • Actually carrying out the design & creation of a complete product
  • How to properly plan, organize, & budget for my business endeavours
  • How to market my product effectively
  • How to find useful contacts / networking
  • Taxes
  • Intellectual property rights
  • Other legal stuff like contracts, EULAs, etc. (can I just buy a book with templates for different types of contracts, or do I need to consult a lawyer every time?)
  • Who to contact for consulting on these things
  • How to get a business loan
|EDIT| Stuff related to web-based businesses would be great, although not necessary.

I also realise that some books or software could be handled by a publisher, so any information on getting things published would be great, too.

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