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Lowbies begging for money-- Best excuse ever

ValkyrieValkyrie Registered User regular
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Okay, so I play "World of Warcraft" in the evenings and I'm relatively high level (63). I've figured out the system in the game economy to the point where I can make essentially limitless amounts of gold as a jewelcrafter without farming or harvesting at all. (I've made over 600G/day on a good day several times)

Because I make more in-game cash than I know what to do with, I tend to be very charitable to other players who need gold. I figure charity shouldn't stop with real money; if I can make some character's day by helping them buy a mount or an epic weapon, sure--why not? My one requirement is that they say an umprompted "please" when they first ask me. (I know; I'm a real hard-nose right? Considering how much I give away for free, I figure it's a tiny stipulation.)

Today, I gave a good dose of cash to a player who asked me somewhat nicely. (It makes me cringe a little, but I'll accept "plz" as a close-enough approximation of "please" if the player seems nice enough.) Only five minutes later, I was being propositioned again by another player. At the time I thought the first charity recipient tipped off his friend that I was a soft sell, but in hindsight, it was probably the same player who just logged in as a different character and tried to wring more money out of me.

What is the point of mentioning all this? Well, I thought I'd heard it all before, but this time was the first time I've ever known a player to blame the settings on his computer for being impolite. Unbelievable conversation to follow. All bad spelling (including a typo of my own) has been preserved for historical accuracy:

Racho: ill u lend me some money?
Racho: will u lend me soe money?

Fairborn: Not without a "please" on the first request. Sorry, friend.

Racho: im sorry i thought i typed that in one sec gotta check these setting on my computer
Racho: ya when i press the p button witohout pressing f5 it deletes stuff
Racho: i can't get the ssettings on my computer
Racho: srry but may i i need to get good armor and weps

Fairborn: Uh-huh. Right. And that's why you typed a P in teh word "typed" before you "checked your settings"?

Racho: plz?

Fairborn: I already told you I'm not going to, so don't insult me by lying to me.

Racho: im not

I used the /ignore function so I couldn't receive any more messages from that little turd, and then no more than 30 seconds later, another character is propositioning me for cash, this time with extremely polite language. Wow, subtle. Like I couldn't possibly figure out it was the same guy.

I was actually away from my keyboard for a second when this new attempt came through, but by the time I came back to my computer and read this new request in disbelief, the player was at it again, innocently asking for money with grand formality (and a few capital letters this time!) and pretending to have no clue in the world who this Racho fiend might be. Just the fact that this person made a second persistent attempt like that is proof it's the same guy. Usually people who troll for charitable dopes like me don't bother giving a second request if the first one goes ignored. The fact that this guy was practically gushing the word "please" from his pores was another subtle tip.

I thought I'd heard it all, but blaming the "settings on one's computer" for being impolite (like there's a setting you change to in which "pressing P deletes stuff"?) ...Well, that's just a new low.

Bravo, Racho. Bravo. You truly are a man of rare character in this cyber-world of ours.

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  • Seattle ThreadSeattle Thread Registered User regular
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    This is a WoW General Forum repost, isn't it

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  • HiravaxisHiravaxis Registered User regular
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    You should raise your standards.
    plz != please

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  • PierceNeckPierceNeck Registered User regular
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    I'm not going to ask you for money, but I will ask this...

    Please tell me how you manage 600g a day! I want my epic flyer.

    PierceNeck on
  • ValkyrieValkyrie Registered User regular
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    Dongpuller wrote: »
    This is a WoW General Forum repost, isn't it

    Uhm, no Dongpuller. I only posted this in my blog and here.

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  • MedopineMedopine __BANNED USERS regular
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  • EchoEcho ski-bap ba-dapModerator mod
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    Valkyrie wrote: »
    Dongpuller wrote: »
    This is a WoW General Forum repost, isn't it

    Uhm, no Dongpuller. I only posted this in my blog and here.

    I'd say "livejournal -->", but you already covered that part.

    Anyway we have a chatlog thread.

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