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Pictures of words?

SatanIsMyMotorSatanIsMyMotor Fuck Warren EllisRegistered User regular
edited November 2007 in Help / Advice Forum
Hey guys, I'm working on a project and I've hit a bit of a block. I'm working in power point and want to insert some pictures but the pictures need to be of words. I realize that may not make sense so allow me to elaborate.

Basically I'm looking for a database where I could search out the word "characters" and it will pull up a picture of that word. I then want to insert that picture of the word into the presentation. The charts I'm working in only allow me to insert pictures and not words but I NEED to have these words as headers to my columns.

Any help that could be provided will be greatly appreciated.

SatanIsMyMotor on


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    CycophantCycophant Registered User regular
    edited November 2007
    Why not just load up your favorite image software like Photoshop/Gimp/Paint, use their "text" feature, type what you want, and save it?

    I bet it would save loads of time over looking through the internet to find the exact word you're looking for...

    Cycophant on
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    Chop LogicChop Logic Registered User regular
    edited November 2007
    Or MS Paint.

    Chop Logic on
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    DrFrylockDrFrylock Registered User regular
    edited November 2007
    ^^ No.

    The answer is this:

    In PowerPoint, click the text tool and then type your text. Format it how you want. Click on the text object and select "copy." Go to the Edit Menu and select "Paste Special." In the dialog box that comes up, choose a picture format - PNG or JPG will paste the text as a bitmapped image, which will get jaggies if you scale it up. Windows Metafile or Enhanced Metafile are vector formats and scale nicely. Delete the original text element. You'll notice that the resulting pasted element is treated as an image and not text.

    I can't imagine why you're doing what you're doing, and so it may be that the reason you want to do this is completely dumb, but if you want to do it, that's how you do it.

    DrFrylock on
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