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Access queries using Excel data?

pslong9pslong9 Registered User regular
edited November 2007 in Help / Advice Forum
Hi all,

I'm currently trying to run a lot of queries on a large database of driving simulation data. I have the query set up such that I have to manually enter in the driver ID, and the times that I want to look at. These values are coming from an Excel spreadsheet that I've set up. What I'd like to do is to somehow run a script that would grab the IDs and times from the Excel sheet, use them in the Access query, and then copy the data from the query back into Excel. However, I'm not familiar enough with VB 6 or VBA commands for Microsoft Access to do this. Can anyone provide any help or provide a link where I can learn how to do this? It would help me out tremendously.

EDIT: Solved, my boss has code that facilitates most of this. Would have been nice had he mentioned that when I first brought up the issue.


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