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Digital Retransmission aka Must Carry

HorusHorus Los AngelesRegistered User regular
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I been researching this issue that will happen in 2009. I read on wiki what will happen but honestly, I didn't understand what this change is about.

I just bought a Sharp 32 in tv, thats 720p that can go 1080i thinking I can cancel my cable being able to view HD channels over the rabbit ears, but I was told that after Must Carry in 2009 all over the air channels will not exist.

Can someone explain what this change will mean to me as a consumer, to cable/ satellite industry and networks stations?

Thank you,

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  • flatlinegraphicsflatlinegraphics Registered User regular
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    over the air ANALOG channels. all over the air channels will be digital. as such, you need a digital reciever. most new tvs have this. there will be converter boxes available, and i do believe that the government is subsidizing them.

    the must carry thing is that cable must carry local channels. this does not mean that they will stop transmission over the air, just that the cable company cannot exclude local content from their wires.

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