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So, Mekton Zeta

themocawthemocaw Registered User regular
edited November 2007 in Critical Failures
Who's played it? Who loves it? Who hates it? Who needs to be introduced to the greatest Mecha Anime system on the planet? Seriously, Silhouette is decent, and Battletech is always fun, but Mekton's always had the most appeal for me, simply for its cinematic nature. Nothing like slicing a Pariah in half with your EX-Sentinel's beamsword before swapping to Interceptor mode and chasing down that Rogue that took out your teammate. And yes, my favorite Mekton experience is running "Operation Rimfire" with my friends several years back. Best campaign ever, I need some new friends so I can try to run it again and recapture the magic :)

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