[WoW] Dumbest Gems you have ever Slotted (links!)

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So, i was sitting in AV cave the other day waiting for game to start listening to some blow hard talk about how he will lead us to victory (ya i know) and decided to inspect him....

oh... my.... god....

guy wearing his welfare epix...
but in the helm slot...
4 int/2mp5 gem on a rogue
(talasite something)

I cant find the link... but im curious

so, this has inspired me... whats the dumbest shit you've seen slotted on a piece of epic gear?

Ill start it off by admitting to slotting a 6 spell damage 5 spell pen gem in my helm :)

ya, i know... spell pen


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    GPIA7RGPIA7R Registered User regular
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    Well I met this rogue in a group for Steam Vaults one night... and he was wearing the entire Heavy Clefthoof Set (+DEF, STA, etc)... with all +DEF gems. He claimed it was his solo gear.

    Ouch, it hurt my face to look at it.. I prefer my +40% crit chance gear rather than +DEF gear on my rogue.

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    autono-wally, erotibot300autono-wally, erotibot300 love machine Registered User regular
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    there's no limit to how stupid people can be, so of course you'll have stupid people in WoW doing stupitd things
    Like warlocks with + healing
    and the people defending them because "not everyone can play 24/7"
    No, not everyone can play 24/7. And "not everyone can read" either, apparently

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