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Thread of recommending awesome [books] for me to read

nervenerve Registered User regular
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So, I haven't read any books since high school. I saw a few books about the Crusades era recommended in the Assassin's Creed thread and purchased them, because it seems interesting, and would like to hear some more good book suggestions. I'd prefer books based on other interesting parts of history(not the crusades) that are informative but still interesting and enjoyable to read. Fiction/SciFi books could be nice too but sort of seem like a time sink since I already watch TV, movies, and play video games with stories.

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    SnowbeatSnowbeat i need something to kick this thing's ass over the lineRegistered User regular
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    errr... Song of Ice and Fire. It's fantasy, but it's based heavily on the War of the Roses period in British history. Plus, it's awesome.

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    ElkiElki get busy Moderator, ClubPA mod
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    Try the books thread, or H/A.


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