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Creative Zen or Ipod Nano?

poshnialloposhniallo Registered User regular
edited December 2007 in Help / Advice Forum
The title says it all, really. Tomorrow I'm working near a big electronics store (I live in the countryside) and I'd like to go buy one of these.

I'll be getting the 8gb one, whichever I choose. I'd be interested in others like Iriver or Meizu, but I live in Japan, and mp3 players tend to be the big names only.

So what do you reckon? I've never owned an mp3 player before, and I travel a lot for work, so I thought I could listen to music and occasionally watch videos, but I don't know much more about this topic than 'apple are the big boys'.

I figure I could take a bear.
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  • gneGnegneGne Registered User regular
    edited December 2007
    The Sony A818 should be quality too. Just no radio though.. but superior audio quality.

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  • The CatThe Cat Registered User, ClubPA regular
    edited December 2007
    I've always liked creative. Apple stuff has too many restrictions for me - no radio, can't treat the machine like a USB stick without faffing around with it, stuff like that. I've got a 2GB zen stone plus at the moment, and its great. Bricked itself once when the laptop it was plugged into crashed, but that was a freak accident. Good interface, good sound, good look, good product support.

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  • EggyToastEggyToast Jersey CityRegistered User regular
    edited December 2007
    The strength of the iPod lies in iTunes. If the idea of using a music library application pisses you off, don't get an iPod. If you have a sizeable library and like using metadata to sort and listen to music in a certain way, iPod. If you simply like copying a bunch of files over and listening to albums, anything else will do, and the Zen will let you skip iTunes for that step.

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  • HakkekageHakkekage Space Whore Academy summa cum laudeRegistered User regular
    edited December 2007
    I have a Zen Vision W. It's not practical for carrying around since it's so huge and made primarily for video, but the Zen vision M is. Plus, I like the colors better than iPods.

    The iPod looks trendier and is waaay more portable, though, but all the accessories also cost a fair bit of money (those handy iPod cases run for like, $30. I had a friend who just knitted herself one).

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  • MC MysteryMC Mystery Registered User regular
    edited December 2007
    I hate iPods, but I -love- iTunes and therefor, stay with the iPod brand.

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