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Homemade diabetic friendly treats!

NanaNana Fuzzy Little YetiRegistered User regular
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Hello all! Every year I make cookies and candies for my friends and family, and unfortunately this year 3 people whom I am very close with have been diagnosed with diabetes.

I have never made diabetic friendly treats before and would greatly appreciate it if anybody could point me in the direction of cookies/candies that they have made or enjoyed that were diabetic friendly.

I also have a question about sugar replacements, is it possible to cook with equal/sweet and low? So far a lot of the recipes I have looked through use splenda, but the people I know with diabetes always seem to use equal. Thank you so much!

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    starmanbrandstarmanbrand Registered User regular
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    The only diabetic baking I have done has been done with Splenda. I was working from a recipe book but I am willing to bet their website, or the diabetic association of america, has a ton of recipes on it.

    I do not think I have ever seen equal or sweet and low in large packs, only single serving packs. If you do find some, I am sure it works the same, but you will want to use their recipes as I know people that can "Taste" the difference, so they will taste differently while baked and would need a recipe for it.

    Also, I am not familiar with diabetic diets, but try to use something to cover the flavor of the artificial stuff. Maybe fresh fruit if the diet allows it. Baking with that stuff just tastes off.

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    RokateRokate Registered User regular
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    Hey Nana! My father was diagnosed with diabetes about a year ago, and my family has made a bunch of changes. Basically, the way to go about baking things is to use whole wheat flour (or at least not the white flour) and he definitely prefers Splenda to every other sweetener. I've found this is pretty consistent with my tastes as well, I'm not diabetic, but I've adopted the menu to make him feel better.
    If you are looking for specific treats, I can say that banana bread, gingersnap cookies, and any kind of pie (my family all loves pumpkin pie) are very good prepared this way. There isn't a difference for time to bake or a change in the steps, just different ingredients!
    There are also many candy stores that have taken to producing sugar-free or no-sugar-added treats, that's always an option for you as well.
    Good luck!

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